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Thread: UD3P/BIOS setting for SpeedFan control of RPM?

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    Default UD3P/BIOS setting for SpeedFan control of RPM?

    UD3P/BIOS setting for SpeedFan control of RPM?

    This is the Motherboard in my computer system.
    GigaByte GA-EP45-UD3P (REV 1.0)

    I'm using speedfan but I have no ability to move RPM's up or down.

    I'm using a 4-PIN 'Arctic 7 Freezer Pro' is my HSF Fan/Heatsinc for cooling.

    Since it's a 4-PIN Fan, whish settings should I choose to make the Fan Speed adjustable once I am booted inside Windows 7 and using SPEEDFAN?
    What settings in the BIOS should I choose?

    1. SmartFan Opions?
    2. CPU Fan Mode?

    I've already tried DISABLED and PWM mode and all it did was cause the Fan to spin way above it's max RPM and I couldn't lower the rpm/sPEED via SpeedFan

    I hope someone can help me.
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    Default Re: UD3P/BIOS setting for SpeedFan control of RPM?

    Although it worked in auto, I set the BIOS to PWM. Then in Speedfan, go to configure and select the advanced tab then from the pulldown menu by chip, select IT8718F change all PWM entries to Software controlled.
    You now should be able to set the speed based on temp.
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    Default Re: UD3P/BIOS setting for SpeedFan control of RPM?

    Might hit up kick I think he uses speed fan to control his fans....

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