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Thread: 965P-DS3 and XMS2 problem

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    Default 965P-DS3 and XMS2 problem

    Hi ,

    i recently bought 2x2 gig of XMS2 (2.1V)
    and when i try to boot the pc doesnt pass post (i dont get video output)

    When i plug in my old XMS2 (1.8V 2x1gig) it works like a charm.

    The entire system consists of :

    965P-DS3 on F14
    2x2gig XMS2
    XFX 4770
    Enermax 550W

    all is running stock atm , doesnt even post :(

    the things i tried :

    - load failsafe settings
    - manually set ram voltage to 2.1 and 2.2
    - tried with a single stick of ram
    - put single stick of ram in 4 sockets for ram

    The motherboard seems perfectly fine , ram should be also as i got it out of a working pc.

    Can someone please help

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    Default Re: 965P-DS3 and XMS2 problem

    Pleas post a link to both old and new ram specs, or at least their part number.

    Meanitime try loading optimized defaults then make the following changes in M.I.T:
    DRAM Performance Control
    Performance Enhance ------------------- : [Standard]
    Extreme Memory Profile --- (X.M.P.) --- : [Disabled] <<< if don't have it ignore
    System Memory Multiplier -------------- : [3.00A]
    Try one 2GB stick first, if it boots please post a screen capture of MemSet main(click >>) and SPD(click spd) windows.
    You can download MemSet from

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    Default Re: 965P-DS3 and XMS2 problem

    old xms2 :
    PC2-6400 1GB 5-5-5-18 1.9V 240pin DIMM

    new xms2
    PC2-6400 2GB 4-4-4-12 2.1V

    i'll try the settings you gave

    EDIT :

    those settings make it end up in a post loop.
    No luck once again
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