I'm a bit confused about Load Line Calibration.

Some are saying it's bad and can destroy your CPU.
Some others are saying it's fine.

I read the anandtech article about it, but i didn't fully understand.
I should probably have another read.

Thins is, i have the P55-UD5 board (great board by the way) and my cpu is a i7-860.

I OCed stable at 4Ghz with HT on

For that i used Load Line Calibration Level2 enabled (it was easier to have it stable with this).

Vcore : 1.35v bios, 1.344 idle, 1.37v load
QPI/VTT : 1.4v
DRAM : 1.66v
PCHcore : 1.2v
CPU PLL : 1.9v

So what do you guys think? Does it look safe? Is LLC really bad for my CPU?