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GA-MA785GM-US2H first boot issues
Question .....
So I'm building a computer for a coworker/friend, and got this motherboard because its a fairly cheap build. Anyway, at first boot I got a screen asking about the sata drive, said no, then realized I forgot to plug in a keyboard. Rebooted, said yes that time and now it won't get passed the "verifying DMI pool", just reboots.
Answer .....
try clearing cmos with the onboard switch and re-boot
You will want to turn off the computer with the power switch on the PSU and hold the front case switch in for 20 seconds with the psu switch off then clear cmos. everything should go back as the first time you booted.
During clean install of w7/64bit, w7 needed to do it's first boot and I was greeted by this stall at "Verifying DMI Pool Table".
Following the above suggestions, cleared CMOS. Powered up, went into BIOS and set Boot to HDD, Optomized settings, and set date. F10 out of BIOS, rebooted and I answered "Y" to AHCI. I again stalled a DMI pool. Repeated this process 4 times, can't get pass "Verifying DMI Pool Data".
Should I clear CMOS, Powerup, Push F12, select "Boot from DVD/CD" and insert w7 and start w7 install from the beginning??