I'm trying to install Win 7 64 bit on P55-UD3R board. Cpu i5 750 , memory Corsair 2x2GB 1600@CL9 1.65V ( i5/i7 kit ). Bios F3n now.
It's not my pc and all that I'm trying to do is to install system and make it stable ( on standard settings ).
Week ago I was making almost the same pc but with P55-UD3 board and all was working fine with all settings on auto in bios.
Now I have to set QPI/VTT to 1.35V+ to install system with x6 memory multi. Memory have 1 profile for 1600 but when I enable it then bclk is 160MHz and can't even start win instalation but for example is passing memtest without problems.
Seems like multi 10 is not working at all ( blue screen or hang up ). Checked bclk from 133 to 200 with different multis and is the same. It's working only on multi x6 or sometimes with x8. One time passed on bclk 166 and x8 memory multi. QPI x36, can't change uncore and can't find any hidden menu in this bios.
Anyone with similar problems or ideas how to solve it ?