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Thread: Ga-ep43-ud3l random bsods

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    Unhappy Ga-ep43-ud3l random bsods

    Hello all, I recently purchased a brand new Ga-ep43-ud3l board and 4gb Patriot viper memory, Diamond Radeon HD 4650, and Intel Q8400 processor...I am using a 550 watt i know ai have enough power, i am not running any coolers, i have 5 fans of various sizes to keep it all cool...
    my first complaint, is that as i powered it on the fan on the processor was making a weird noise, turned out I had to unwind some of its power cable off of it to get it to stop hitting it, that fixed that soon as I was up and running I am building it out with Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit RC, which I had used before with older parts and was working fine until I blew out the video card, as i was building it out it started to install ok and went through the normal processes I proceded to reboot the system and that is where all hell broke loose and the 1st bsod happens at the screen setting up my name and password...It auto rebooted and then I was allowed to complete the install and was brought into the desktop and again I get a bsod I can't remember all of them, but they were not the same one everytime and seemed to get worse if I tried to do anything and then it got to the point that even sitting there doing nothing caused a Bsod...I swapped the mem sticks around in the yellow slots, no change, that is when I accidentaly touched the gigabyte 43 intel heat sink and nearly burned my hand off, and it seed to be too loose...I can move it around with out any folks I ask is it possible that the motherboard is bad because of the looseness of the chipsets heat sink is too loose and is over heating it...I did try to tighten it down, but I doesnt work...thanks for all your responses in advance, John

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    Default Re: Ga-ep43-ud3l random bsods

    If the NB heatsink heats it means it has a good contact, if it was cool you should have been worried. Yes it does heat quite a lot, and it is a bit loose, don't move it.
    Over heating or not I don't know, I am going to take some temp measures once i get my lazy a$$ moving.

    It is recomended to begin with BIOS optimized defaults.

    Follow steps 1-4 in this post, this will make it easier to advise..

    For more than 2x1GB memory configuration more MCH Core is usually needed.
    Try MCH Core 1.2v, Performance Enhance standard, and see how it goes.

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