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Thread: New BIOS - older than the last version?

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    Default New BIOS - older than the last version?

    Based on the information in the first sticky it appears that Gigabyte has released new BIOS versions. This would've happened just in the last couple days. I looked up the P55's on Gigabytes site, and they have changed the name of the BIOS dropping the letter - e.g. from F4n to F4 - and 'beta' is gone from the description. Does this mean they've released the final version (at least for the time being)?

    Two things seem odd. First, on gigabytes website the Date has not been updated. So even though it now lists F4 instead of F4n it still says the BIOS was released on 2009/11/06. This is the date the previous version was posted. If it's a new BIOS version, shouldn't they update the date?

    And this I found even odder. I downloaded and unpacked the BIOS files for the UD2 and compared it to the previous version.
    From F4n: p55mud2.f4n dated 06-Nov-2009 4:37 AM
    From F4: p55mud2.f4 dated 06-Nov-2009 12:56 AM

    The files for the 'new' F4 are older than the previous F4n version. Why would that happen? It looks like there is something in the F4n version that didn't make it into the 'new' F4 version.
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    Default Re: New BIOS - older than the last version?

    Yes f4 would be final.

    The time differences you are seeing may be due to some change they decided to try or test with F4 and made F4n before posting F4. Then decided that change or test was not necessary and thus making F4n null and void and F4 would then be final.

    You can use either one and they are likely the same, normally the last beta if all issues are corrected and it looks good is simply renamed to final or recompiled with no changes and made into a final.

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