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Thread: 2 1gb sticks work but 4 1gb sticks don't RAM

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    Cool 2 1gb sticks work but 4 1gb sticks don't RAM

    I have an ep41-ud3l motherboard that i just upgraded to because my old motherboard stopped working. I put my 4 1gb sticks back in an when booted it would not boot at all.. just got continuous lots of beeps. no display, nothing. i took two sticks out, an the system booted fine... i swapped one stick with another an it stopped working.. but when i swapped the other 2 the system booted again... They are the same RAM but from 2 different batches. They only seem to work when put in with the one from the same batch.
    Any Ideas?

    My Specs:
    Socket 775 motherboard - EP41-UD3L
    Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPU E8400 @3.00GHz
    RAM - 4 1gb Kingston PC5300 - KVR667D2N52/2G
    Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
    Sata HD

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    Default Re: 2 1gb sticks work but 4 1gb sticks don't RAM

    So 2 sticks from different kits do not work together?
    Can you boot with the second kit only installed in slots 2 & 4?
    Though there is not red note in the web page on GB site, manual states 4 DIMM configuration need to be all single sided.
    Can you post a screen capture of MemSet main and SPD(click spd) windows, for each of the kits?
    You can download MemSet from

    It is recommended to begin with BIOS optimized defaults.
    Try changing Performance Enhance standard and see if it helps.
    What is PC Health reading for memory voltage?

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    Default Re: 2 1gb sticks work but 4 1gb sticks don't RAM

    Well you should not be mixing memory, but what you describe just sounds like incorrect settings. Memory should not be mixed, but it can work with some tweaking sometimes if the specs match up fairly the same.

    Can you link each set or give the model # of each?

    Then please give me you current full settings for 2x1, template is in my signature, and I will advise back on changes you should make then apply and shut down before putting in the second set.

    I should also say, P45 boards do not play very well with 667Mhz memory so if you have 800Mhz memory available that would be better to use.

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