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Thread: help running 8gigs in GA-P35-DS3P

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    Default help running 8gigs in GA-P35-DS3P

    I am trying to run 8 gigs of ram (4 x 2gig) of Mushkin 1066 ram but I get BSOD when all 8 gigs are installed. My system specs are below. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P
    intel E8600 @ 1.250 volts
    Mushkin blackline 1066 (4 x 2) @ 2.1 volts
    ATI 4850
    VideoMate Gold TV tuner
    Western Digital Black 640mb HD
    2 dvd burners
    PC Power and Cooling 750 watt power supply
    Antec P182

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    Default Re: help running 8gigs in GA-P35-DS3P

    Begin by loading optimized defaults if you have not done that yet.
    Set Performance Enhance to standard, and MCH OverVoltage +0.1, then +0.125, and +0.15 if that does not help.
    What is PC Health reading for memory voltage?

    A link to ram specs on maufacturer web site will be helpfull, so would be a screen capture of MemSet main and SPD(click spd) windows.
    It is recommended to run a few passes of memtest86+ before you run windows. Memory errors may result in file or file system corruption.
    You can find those programs in

    If errors persists, you may want to run memtest86+ on each of the kits seperately, and/or individual sticks and memory slots.

    Which board revision is it, and what BIOS is installed?
    Your BIOS settings may be handy too, please use the template in this post to post them.

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    Default Re: help running 8gigs in GA-P35-DS3P

    Which model # Mushkins?

    I need your current full settings so I can see what FSB you are using, ect. Please fill out a template from my signature and post here with your current settings, then we can advise back.

    And I do advise you update your BIOS to the latest, please read this guide if you are unsure about any of that process >>


    Here is the latest BIOS for your board (F12) >>

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