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Thread: Cold Start issues on a G31M-ES2L

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    Exclamation Cold Start issues on a G31M-ES2L

    Hey, new to the forum and was wondering if anyone could help with this issue. Was updating my parents Acer Aspire SA85 with a new motherboard, ram and HDD. To start off the HDD was faulty from the start so had to be sent back, now when the computer has been off for some period of time (i.e overnight), when starting the power light comes on the HD light flashes a couple times, fans spin up then nothing. If leave it for a while then restart it starts and runs really well.

    Gigabyte G31M-ES2L
    3.2Ghz Intel Celeron D 351 P4
    Kingston KVR800D2N6K2/2G (2x1GB) 800MHz DDR2 RAM

    I checked the old HD when i had issues with the new one and it didnt seem to have any problems. I was thinking this is a RAM issue? Memtest results were:

    Memory: 2038m 2171mb/s
    Chipset: Intel P35/G33 (ECC: Disables) FSB: 133MHz
    Settings: RAM: 266MHz (DDR533)/ CAS: 4-4-4-12 Duel Channel

    Ran for about 16hours with no issues, I noticed that the RAM is comming up as 533Mhz Ram (i think also in the Bios down below?) was wondering if this could be part of the problem???

    Cheacked CPU-Z:
    DDR2 - Kingston - 4-4-4-12
    Module Size: 1024Mb
    Max Bandwith: PC2 - 6400 (400MHz) (i think i read on here this is doubled meaning 800Mhz?)

    Just let bios set the optimized settings... which under "MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T)" in the BIOS come to:

    CPU Frequency 3.21GHz (133x24)
    CPU Host Clock Controll Disabled
    CPU Host Frequency 266
    Performance Enhance Standard
    System Memory Multiplier (SPD) Auto
    Memory Frequency 533 533
    ******System Voltage Optimized********
    System Voltage Controll Manual
    DDR2 Over Voltage Controll Normal
    FSB Over Voltage Controll Normal
    CPU Voltage Controll Normal
    Normal CPU Vcore 1.38750v

    Hope Iv given enough information, just let me know if need more and i hunt it down. So does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Im pretty sure i cheacked that the memory was on the compatability list for this board, i have cheacked a few other cold start thread but if anyone has links to some more silimar to this would be also appreciated.


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    Default Re: Cold Start issues on a G31M-ES2L

    Are you turning it off from the wall or power supply switch IE: disconnecting power altogether, or just shutting it down normally? Just wondering as many users unplug their systems often and this can cause issues.

    Anyway, it could also be your settings as you mentioned. Ya, it does look like your memory is setup wrong, looks like you are maybe using Fail Safe BIOS settings instead of optimized as you should be. Your ram is running at 533Mhz, Not doubled as you may see in some programs like you mentioned 400 is 800. The BIOS Shows actual, so it is running at 266Mhz x 2 = 533

    Here is a link to your ram per the model # you gave me, looks like it should be CAS 6 (6-6-6-15/18) ram

    Check again to be sure that is the part number, or look in the SPD Tab of CPU-z and see that the 400Mhz section shows CAS 6 timings or post a image here so we can be sure.

    Can you please load optimized defaults and then save and apply F10 and reboot back to the BIOS. Then make the following changes if they are not already made. Some should not already be made, but it should reset your memory to 800Mhz as it should be. Here is some tips in this thread for loading optimized defaults, be sure to read as you may need to set your SATA and hard drive boot priority again after you do so >>

    Also, on the MAIN page of the BIOS press Control + F1 and the screen will flash, then go into MIT and you will see the rest of your settings as I mention below


    OK, before I post this I just realized why your memory is running at 533Mhz, this is due to your processor only having a 133 FSB. You would need to overclock it to at least 200 FSB to run your ram at 800Mhz. If you need advice on doing that let me know, for now the below would look the same with 533Mhz ram because that is all you can use with the CPU at defaults. And since you are underclocking this memory you can likely use CAS 4 or CAS 5 as mentioned below

    CPU Frequency 3.21GHz (133x24)
    CPU Host Clock Control Disabled
    CPU Host Frequency 133
    Performance Enhance Standard
    System Memory Multiplier (SPD) Auto << Set this to 4.00 (133x4=533Mhz)
    Memory Frequency 533 533

    DRAM Timing Selectable_______ SPD __ [Manual]

    CAS Latency Time________________ 4 or 5
    Dram RAS# to CAS# Delay_________ 4 or 5
    Dram RAS# Precharge Delay_______ 4 or 5
    Precharge Delay (tRAS)__________ 12 or 15

    ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD)_________ 3
    Rank Write to READ Delay________ 3
    Write to Precharge Delay_________ 4
    Refresh to ACT Delay______________ 42
    Read to Precharge Delay__________ 3
    Static tRead Value_______________ 6
    Static tRead Phase Adjust________ [Auto]
    ******System Voltage Optimized********
    System Voltage Controll Manual
    DDR2 Over Voltage Controll Normal << Set this to +0.1
    FSB Over Voltage Controll Normal
    CPU Voltage Controll Normal
    Normal CPU Vcore 1.38750v

    The memory is compatible, but running these boards with older CPU's like that often cause issues due to the low FSB and low Memory speeds caused by that.

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