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Thread: Strange problem on P55-UD5 : Can no longer enter bios

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    Default Strange problem on P55-UD5 : Can no longer enter bios

    I'd had an i5 750, P55-UD5, and corsair xms3 4gb 1600cl9 ram (I run 9-9-9-24, 1.5V, and it has command rate left at 1T) along with windows7, working fine for a month. I also have a prolimatech as my heat sink, and an antec truepower 750 as my power supply. Most of the bios settings are left on optimised defaults, with a few minor changes like enabling SMART, putting HPET to 64bit, and enabling virtualization. Don't remember changing much else, but I did enable XMP for a day to see if it ran stable, which it did. I also had to flash to the f5i bios when my HD 5850 came in, because I had the mouse cursor and full screen video problem; previously I was using my old 7800gt. I cleared the cmos then, and loaded optimised defaults.

    The previous monday (11/30), I start up the computer after having shut down the night before. I start coretemp, and see the temps are higher than normal for no processor activity (38+ centigrade for core 0). Under frequency, I see it says 133.33x21 constantly, when normally the multiplier is x9 for no activity (and around 15-18c for temps), and should be changing on the fly with the turbo feature. The processsor temps also should change that way. I also remember that the bclk used to show something like 136 instead of 133 with turbo enabled, even though I hadn't set it that way. I also try CPUID hardware monitor, which showed similar temps. It should also be a x20 multiplier anyway without turbo, right?

    I restart, hit DEL, it tells me it's going to enter the bios, but just stays there. I reboot into windows, and shut down for a minute, then try it again. Still won't enter. I restart, hit F12 to enter boot menu, and it does. I restart, hit end to enter QFlash, and it does. So I restart, but this time look inside my case when it boots. I see the ram LED's (MD1, MD2, GD1, GD2) are lit up, along with the blue LED near the IDE connector (I have no drive attached, and did not disable it in the bios) and they stay on until I get the loading operating system message, but I can no longer hit DEL then. I've even waited 15 minutes after hitting DEL, but it just stays on the initial post screen with the processor, memory and drive information.

    So that's my strange issue. I have no blue screens or anything, I can crank it up on any game that stresses the system (Crysis, World in Conflict, other FPS's etc.) with no problems. Just one day, it decided it was going to use different settings, and I can no longer enter the bios, even though I've shut off the computer overnight before. I've now left the computer on for a week of heavy downloading and some gaming, and it's stable. I also ran memtest+ 4.0 for over 10 hours with no problem.

    I'm at a loss as to how to proceed, as I've never seen anything like this before, and neither has anyone else I know. Should I shut down, disconnect the power, and hit the clear CMOS button? Reseat the ram? Leave it off overnight again, and see what happens? Ignore everything since it still works anyway, and don't risk screwing anything up? I don't want to go through the hassle of removing the mobo or processor, as it basically kills a day to disconnect and reconnect everything, and at that point I'd rather just get something that works (ASUS?; I see DFI now has a 1156 board also), especially if Gigabyte does not cross ship and I'd have to wait a month. My old socket 754 DFI nforce4 was pretty much on its last legs, and I don't know if it would have lasted another month either.

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    Default Re: Strange problem on P55-UD5 : Can no longer enter bios

    Please chek your DEL key is functionable or change other keyboard to try.
    you also can try to clear CMOS or update bios to latest F6 bios.

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    Default Re: Strange problem on P55-UD5 : Can no longer enter bios

    Yes. please try to clear the CMOS, use the Long method I outline here is post #2 >>

    Then also be sure you are trying to enter the BIOS with a PS/2 Keyboard

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