Goofy issue now and maybe its just that its junk and doesnt work

I tried using the DES just to check it out. Also tried the Easy tune6

They both freeze the PC up in win7 64. The EasyTune will come on. And then if you set the overclock to the second settings green light or set change the setting in the other section higher then cruise the pc locks up and needs to be restarted.

The DES TOTALLY locks up but didnt when i first tried it out. Its doing it now for no apparent reason. Are there Bios settings I need to change to make them work properly? Not that I really would use these tools for any reason other then just wanting to check them out. But I cant see that gigabyte makes a supposed utility for overclocking and it will not even go past start! Sound like there may be something going on more then just the utility not working.