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Thread: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

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    Default Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    Quote Originally Posted by DQL View Post
    Thanks clsA, I appreciate the input.

    I just want to make a couple of points about my goals and configuration clear.
    - I am not overclocking, and don't intend to. I just want a stable machine used in the way that the manufacturers will have already presumably tested.
    - The AUTO settings I have shown are passing every dedicated memory test I can find, for extended periods of time. The problem I am trying to solve is a once a day, or once every two day, freeze or blue screen of the computer. This could be a memory problem, but since it doesn't show up in the extensive hammering on RAM that the dedicated tests perform, I am tending to think it is a driver or software problem.
    - It would be helpful to know WHY it is necessary to change a particular BIOS setting from the AUTO value. For example, I could understand changing the PCI clock from AUTO to 100 if it was clear that the FD version of the BIOS regularly sets it wrong. Perhaps someone could explain the reasoning. "Because it works on my system" does help, but something like "because the FD BIOS is known to set it wrong" would help more. Just trying to understand the motivation.
    That said, the PCI clock change (just to take one example from your suggestions) could be it. Maybe it is freezing because of garbled comms with the video card. I don't have a test that hammers on that (does anyone know of one?).

    Thanks again!
    its better to manually set voltages and timings because it wont overvolt like auto will creating more heat than needed,try setting your ram multi/timings and rated voltages manually,it will be more reliable
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    Default Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    I've been running the EP45-UD3P with 64 bit Win 7 and it is
    stable as a rock. The only errors I've ever gotten were when I tried
    to use ET6 or the Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced programs.
    My bios is older though (FB).
    E8400 Core Duo
    8 Gig G-Skill DDR2-1000
    X-fi Gamer fatal1ty
    Zalman fatal1ty cooler

    I'm not great at overclocking but I did get this up to 3.6 just
    by changing fsb to 450 x 8 and everything else auto
    Runs at 44c under load

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    Default Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    My system was never stable at stock speeds with everything autoed in BIOS.When I made changes simular to what "clsA" is showing you - I became stable.I had no more freezes or BSOD's.I think "Wazza300" right about overvolting.I'm almost positive that's what was causing my problems.
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    Default Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    If the PC is freezing then in all likelihood it's a hardware setting. Unless files on the HDD are corrupt then a piece of software usually won't lock a system on its own.

    IBT is a very CPU focused test. Even though you can set it to use certain amounts of RAM, it's the CPU that gets a workout. OCCT tests are more comparable to Prime 95. In this case 1 hour's worth of tests is no where near enough. You can still get a PC that fails Prime after 7 hours that can present with the same symptoms as yours.

    Auto really won't cut it with 8GB of RAM. At the very least, MCH Core voltage will need increasing. Start with a bare minimum of 1.2V and work up to a max of ~1.36, stopping when you get the best result. DRAM voltage also needs to be manually set to the specs of your RAM sticks. Auto relies on reading information programmed into the modules (SPD0. Often this programming does not include voltages. Even if it does, you may still need slightly more than spec to get 8GB running smoothly.

    The best rational reasoning I can give you re auto is this: Motherboards are stupid. They can guess voltages needed but they can't read, record and adapt them as well as a human can. Quite often a motherboard will also give way more voltage than is really needed. This is just as bad as not enough when thinking about stability, plus it could damage hardware. Auto RAM settings rely on the SPD being programmed with the information. If it isn't then the board has to guess, which isn't a good idea really.

    The PCIe clock setting won't make any difference. Although it's recommended to manually set that clock to 100, Auto on modern boards also sets the clock to a locked 100MHz, regardless of FSB speed. This can be checked using ET6. Even if your board was an older model that would increase PCIe as FSB changes, you have a stock FSB so PCIe would still be at 100.
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    Default Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    VicDog - thanks for posting your experience - now I know it CAN be made to work with this MB, 8 Gb and Win7 x64! I assume you don't have AUTO BIOS settings for your 8Gb of RAM? And thanks for reporting your BIOS version - I believe there is some ram setting differences between the FB and FD versions of AUTO settings. Maybe another reason to use manual settings.

    Thanks wibujo for explaining your experience with going manual. Its good to have as many data points as possible.

    Finally, thanks Psycho101 for the very informative post. I really appreciate the perspective and rationale with respect to the manual settings, and especially the explanation for what IBT and OCCT are and are not good for. I think I'll try running OCCT overnight to see what happens. It would be a huge step forward just to find a repeatable way to generate the freeze.

    I guess I should explain some of the things previously tried when I was first assembling the computer so people better understand how I ended up all AUTO:
    - First tried 4Gb Gskill 1066 DDR2. This would only run in slots 2,4 and required special manual settings (GSkill posts these on their website). Not being able to run in slots 1,3 at all made me nervous, so I returned for Patriot RAM.
    - Having read about this MB and some of the discussion of manual settings on this forum, I didn't even try all AUTO with the patriot RAM at first because I assumed it wouldn't work. I have a spreadsheet of all my various manual settings and the resulting memtest86+ results. I even was testing with different sticks in different slots. Also the two 4Gb packs of patriot ram I bought were supposed to be identical, but one is the "B" rev and the other not. The PCB on the sticks are actually a different layout. It was only after all this that I said, hmm, maybe I should just try all AUTO just to see what happens - and lo and behold, it worked just as well as the best manual settings. Not to say I was using the RIGHT manual settings, but anyway, that's how I ended up with all AUTO. Maybe the Patriot RAM does report what voltages it requires, so AUTO works better for it? It is running at the correct 2.1V so it at least gets that right.

    Anyway, the thing has been running for about 4 days straight now, with no changes as far as I know (except the usual auto updates. I did update the video driver but can't remember if that was before or after the last freeze up). If it dies again I'll run OCCT overnight to see if that reliably crashes it. If it does, then I can start going through the manual settings again, starting with MCH it sounds like.

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    Default Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    I have an EP45-UD3P with the same ram as you but 4GB instead of 8GB running win7 pro 64 and I have not had a good experience. Audio skips a lot. Have updated all drivers and tried a bunch of different settings with no errors in memtest. Have had some errors with prime 95 though. Also had CoD World at War crash on me twice. I'm not sure what else to try other than sell this mobo for a different brand.

    Case: LIAN LI PC-A05NB
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    Default Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    I had a similar problem with either version (x86 or x64) of both Vista and 7, except mine was a BSOD with the following message (A thread is terminating or attempting to terminate a win32 callout while running on a expanded stack). Everything was stable under XP (gaming, 24h+ prime95, 20 passes LinX or IBT, and whatelse). I then discovered that setting CPU voltage to 1.25 (my VID) and not normal or Auto will get me stable. Meantime, several versions of BIOS where released, and with the latest I accidentally leaved CPU Voltage to normal after flashing and it's been a full month with no problems. So i suggest you try flashing to the latest BIOS, and fiddling with your Vcore and MCH Core.
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    Windows 7 Pro x64

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    Default Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    Been okay here
    version 1.1 board
    bios 10e
    Actually now got it to 3620mhz (up 20mhz).former 3600
    with lower ram voltages now
    Trfc to 50 from 52
    Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 bios 3202
    CM Hyper 212 EVO blademasters push-pull
    8GB's Samsung 30nm tech ram 1.35v
    EVGA GTX 460 superclocked plus (part# 1G-P3-1372-TR)
    Seasonic X660

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    Question Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    Hi all:

    First build. Configuration is:
    CORE 2 QUAD - Q9400 6MB L2 CACHE

    Problem is:
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    Would sure appreciate some advice.

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    Default Re: Post your experience with EP45-UD3P and Win7 x64?

    Thought I would update this thread with my results to date:

    To recap, the two Win7 x64 EP45-UD3P (rev 1.6) systems I have were freezing intermittently (once or twice a day), requiring a reset and reboot to get started again. They would also BSOD. I had tested both boards using memtst86+ for long periods of time (cumulatively, days) without any errors. I was trying to sort out if this was hardware or software related. Since I had just built up both systems at the same time and they were my first experience with Win7, and because of the number of posts about the UD3P being finicky with memory settings, I had no confidence in either HW or SW.

    - The problems I was seeing were not memory related. So should anyone else be having freeze problems, if you can get memtst86+ to run without errors, my experience at least indicates you really can trust your memory even when the system freezes running Windows.
    - On one system, the problems finally went away when I replaced the Intel "Matrix Storage" 8.9 version of the serial SATA driver with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology version here:
    ┬*RAID: Intel┬« Rapid Storage Technology Driver for Intel Desktop Boards
    Note this fixed system is NOT using a RAID array, but the driver is used to manage the SATA chip. This took a very long time for me to find, especially since every time I looked for the most recent driver on the Intel website it kept pointing to the 8.9 version. The 9.5 version is a beta. I only found it because the other system IS using a RAID array and the 8.9 version of the driver, in addition to freezing, also apparently randomly kicks disks out of the array, causing me to hunt for a solution to THAT problem. Anyway, upgrading to this driver fixed the freezes on my non-RAID system, but my RAID system still froze (although the RAID array behaved a lot more reliably).

    With one system now fixed, I decided to test if the system with RAID was still freezing due to hardware or software, by loaded 32 bit Win XP on it. This ran fine for days, proving the memory must be working. I then loaded 32 bit Win7 on it, and this is also running without freezing so far. I am in the process of loading each non-Windows driver, one at a time, and letting it run for two days inbetween. If I can find another bad driver, I will report back. But if the 32 bit version of Windows works with all the non-MS drivers, I will probably just stick with that and not sort out what is causing the 64 bit version to freeze.

    I think software bugs that cause freezing (as opposed to BSOD) are harder for vendors to find, since they don't get any automatic bug reports sent in about them. BSODs at least send crash reports back to the mothership.

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