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You guys keep talking about loose, and tight, timings. Are these CAS timings? And what does loose, or tight, timings mean?
Mostly CAS yes but not only e.g. changing tRAS from 12 to 10 at my current OC results in 100MB/s increase in read benchmark. I'm not an extremist so I leave it on 12, I preffer stability over 1% increase that won't make no difference for me anyway.

Tighter = lower value. Although the timings are related to memory frequency, meaning 5-5-5-15 for DDR-1066 are not "looser" than 4-4-4-12 for DDR-800 (in fact they are "tighter")

If you plan to overclock I'd say get DDR-1066 otherwise a low latency DDR-800 will do just fine. There is only a small difference in favore of DDR-1066