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Thread: GA-MA78GM-S2H CPU VID settings

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    Default GA-MA78GM-S2H CPU VID settings

    Hello fellow Gigabyters.

    I have GA-MA78GM-S2H rev 1.1 and F11 BIOS.
    I had Athlon X2 4850, which I then swapped to Athlon II X4 620.
    After messing a bit, I cleared CMOS and things started working.
    (in the mean time CPU multiplier had to be fixed, auto did not boot all the way to OS, but that's not the issue)

    What I amd missing, is setting CPU VID lower. Current CPU VID for mu CPU is 1.325V, and in BIOS it can be set normal and higher, but not lower!
    Gigabyte Global Technical Support is of no help, they don't seem to understand what is CPU VID and why to set it lower. All they are concerned is that GTS does not support overclocking.

    Hey, overclocking, undervolting, who had guessed they are the same?

    In Windows I can set 216x13 and 1.15V with AOD, but Linux is another thing.

    So my questions are:
    1. Is there any possibility Gigabyte would add support for lower CPU VID for Propus? I believe even Phenom I / II has no CPU VID lowering?

    2. If BIOS does not support, is there any Linux software that could change CPU VID for "active" P-state?

    3. Or is my only and last option to stick with 1.325V in Linux and put a quieter fan on stock heatsink? I have a couple of Nexus real silent 80mm fans, but haven't had a time to test if they have enough airflow. They are 3-pin, but should work as CPU fan in BIOS auto mode, what do you think?

    BR, Kimmo:)

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    Default Re: GA-MA78GM-S2H CPU VID settings

    Answering to myself, Nexus 80mm case fan suits. Idle temps are a tad higher, load temps about normal. When load goes away, CPU cores cool somewhat slower, but don't know if that makes difference.

    Fan at load is a lot quieter than AMD stock. But since stock was 70mm fan, only one screw could be used for fitting

    One annoying thing is now revealed more clearly: something else is making some noise, maybe case fan, PSU fan (witch is not stock either and doe to being thicker is actually outside of PSU) or HDD...

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