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Thread: GA-P55-UD3R Networking (ethernet) problem

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    Default GA-P55-UD3R Networking (ethernet) problem

    I'm having networking problem with this motherboard (bios version F2). The motherboard is connected directly to the cable modem, and this connection works fine on my laptop, so I know for sure it's a problem with the motherboard.

    Also it's unlikely to be an OS problem since the problem exists on both Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro. Both Windows are fresh install. Updating the network driver with the latest version had no effect on Windows XP. Running the Realtek diagnostic utility from Gigabyte webiste under Windows XP shows that all hardware tests passed.

    Here are some symptoms:

    • ipconfig shows ip address to be, but pinging works (implying Windows ip stack is good).
    • Local Area Connection status shows "acquiring ip address", but never gets further than that.
    • Windows XP and 7 shows that the drivers working properly.
    • TCP/IP properties are set to obtain IP address automatically (DHCP is enabled)
    • Manually setting IP adress, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server address had no effect.
    • Disabling firewall had no effect.
    • Ethernet LEDs at the back are flashing when connected to the cable modem (implying at least PHY section of the chip is working).

    About the only thing I've not tried is updating the BIOS. I've noticed that the latest version is F4, but F2 is not shown. Anything else I should try before I RMA this board?
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    Default Re: GA-P55-UD3R Networking (ethernet) problem

    Have you tried clearing the CMOS via connecting the CMOS jumpers? If not then this is worth a go. After clearing load optimized defaults and save and exit the BIOS. Boot to Windows to see if the problem is resolved.

    I would definitely give a BIOS flash a go if a CMOS reset does not work. F4 would be fine to flash to. It sounds like F2 was the original retail release (quite often the first shipped BIOS is a version older than F1/FA etc). This usually means that it isn't made available for download. Again, remember to load optimized defaults on the next boot after flashing, and use QFlash as it's the safest method.

    If these steps fail then you may very well have a dead port(s). One last thing to try would be to use a Linux Live CD to boot from and see if the NIC is functioning there. If it is dead in all three OS's then it's almost certainly a HW fault and time to RMA.

    Telling Gigabyte that you have troubleshooted in this way will also save time on getting your RMA approved.
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    Default Re: GA-P55-UD3R Networking (ethernet) problem

    you can go to bios\integrated peripherals\smart lan to check if your lan is dead or ok.

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    Default Re: GA-P55-UD3R Networking (ethernet) problem

    Thanks for the suggestions. It turns out, the problem is with Realtek driver for Windows (both XP and 7). I tried 3 different Realtek drivers for Windows XP (driver that came with the motherboard, latest one from Gigabyte website, and latest one from Realtek website), but NONE of them worked! Each version of the driver was installed after a clean Windows XP (sp2) install. No other driver except for the Intel's chipset (INF) driver was installed.

    Other OS with built-in support for the RTL8111D ethernet chip works fine. Ubuntu 9.10 Live CD works, as does Windows 7 with Microsoft's driver. Apparently, Realtek's driver breaks Windows networking in this motherboard.

    I really hope they fix this problem soon, as Windows XP users are pretty much screwed otherwise. Looks like my slow transition to Windows 7 will have to get a LOT faster.

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