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Thread: P35-DS4 will not reboot without power reset

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    Default P35-DS4 will not reboot without power reset

    My P35 DS4 revision 1 will start fine, run fine, but when I switch it off it will not switch back on again until I have turned the PSU off for 15 seconds. It has the latest BIOS and a new CMOS battery.

    I dropped a new Quad in the other day and it seemed to want to power cycle on startup (something it doesn't often do with my little E2140). It would turn on, start the fans up, then switch off, never to come to life again until the power was reset manually, whereupon it would do the same thing. Drop the E2140 back in and it would start, but this is a bit of a wash when the un-overclocked core is only 1.6Ghz, it is like having a netbook on my desktop trying to run Windows 7.

    I put in a brand new CMOS battery and updated the BIOS to F14 in Qflash to no avail. Thoroughly stumped, do not want to have to get a new board this late in the 775 day.

    Any help much appreciated! I see lots of people have problems with endless restarting, I have never heard of this problem before though

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    Default Re: P35-DS4 will not reboot without power reset

    System specs and include make/model power supply and amperage.

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    Default Re: P35-DS4 will not reboot without power reset

    Thanks for the quick reply, below is what I could find to hand.

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 Rev. 1.0 F14 BIOS

    Thermaltake Toughpower 750W - total of 4 18A 12v rails (here is a more detailed breakdown of the PSU Thermaltake Toughpower 750 W (W0116RU) Power Supply | Hardware Secrets )

    Intel E2140 Dual Core @ 1.6 1.25v

    XFX Geforce 8800GTX running stock, so 28A (I think?)

    OCZ Reaper 4GB 4x1GB 9200, 1150mhz 2.1v

    Auzentech XFi-Prelude soundcard

    2 Samsung EcoGreen F2 1.5TB running in RAID0 (not sure what amperage, but presumably pretty low given that they are 5400rpm)

    I should add that the quad I was putting in was a Q9300, and this system happily ran a thirstier Q6600 a few months ago without any trouble.

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    Default Re: P35-DS4 will not reboot without power reset

    I can't get back to back to you for a good day but........... check all your cables and wiring first. Pull everything ( 12v PS related ) and reseat it to make sure. Take your time.
    I have that same board ( rev1 ) but don't think I ever ran a quad on it. Set ram to run at 800 for now and check the voltages. I manually set mine to one tenth under max when not over clocking to start. ( no auto setting ).
    The first time I read through this I thought it might be the PSU. Can you swap one out ?
    And for giggles..... try pulling the sound card and running stock for a little bit. I had some crazy stuff happen over the years inre to sound cards. I never used one of those though.
    Food for thought..... processors do go bad, and when "new" they are defective. Try the q6600 again. And I may get hung by some of these guys but the 45nm processors are easy to fry when you mess with them the wrong way.... AHEM......a new ballgame compared to the 65's.

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