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Thread: IDE Channel problem on 790XT-UD4P

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    Default Re: IDE Channel problem on 790XT-UD4P

    I don't understand nothing... When SATA_0 HDD Black it has channel 2M, SATA_1 HDD Blue it has channel 2S, SATA_3 HDD 1000Gb it has channel 3...
    Today I have an idea (unlogical) and I've done so:
    HDD Black SATA_5, HDD 1000Gb SATA_3, HDD Blue SATA_2, DVD Drive SATA_6... I going to BIOS boot device priority and ... Wonder!~! I've seen this:
    Ch1 M HDD 640 Black
    Ch2 S HDD 1000Gb
    Ch3 M HDD 640 Blue... When I went to CMOS I saw That...
    Oh! ( I thought), It is strange but generally works... But when I started to install Win7, in Advanced Settings ( in menu in which you can to format hard drives and to creat new partitions ) I saw:
    931 Gb (HDD WD 1000Gb Green) and then
    What is it? I don't understand... In BIOS I see that Black disk has channel 1 green disk has channel 2 and blue disk has channel 3... But windows's installer things different))) What I can to do else to do my drives working in the 1st time... I am in puffin...
    It's perfect that you understand me . I'm glad for it very much__)))
    In result I get off blue hard drive and installed Win7 without problem but I want to know what is the reason of it... Tell me if you have an idea

    But now I'm having a surprise... This "perfect" WD6401 AALS is squeaking and cracking... With great headage and lost time I have disk that works worser that my older WD 640Gb Blue... It's sadly...

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    Default Re: IDE Channel problem on 790XT-UD4P

    I am not sure what you are asking :)

    Sorry, it is not very clear this time.

    I can tell you that you don't need to worry about what you see in the CMOS page of the BIOS

    Put your OS main drive on SATA2_0, then your CD/DVD Drive on SATA2-4/5, and all other disks anywhere in between

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