Am more impressed each day with the new AMD rig. The software program OverDrive from AMD is the most impressive overclocking software I personally have ever used.

The bad news. Although I see 4.0GHz as more than possible, it won't happen with my Xigmatek cooler. Right now I have to lay off at 3.6GHz as I stop at 55C. From reading the boards I've seen that you really need to stay under 60C. That gives me a nice cushion. So fellow AMD'ers, any ideas for a new and improved setup? At the top of my short list is the Cooler Master V8. Seems to be on par with the TRUE. Thoughts welcome!

Another issue is regarding AM2+ and AM3. Is the move worth it? Since my CPU will do either, it is a matter of higher throughput for the DDR3, or does that REALLY make a difference? Can you really tell the difference and if so is it worth a new motherboard and memory sticks?

At this second, am thinking of going with a second Sapphire HD 4850 in Crossfire rather than start over with the 4890 that Lsdmeasap wrote about. It is certainly a nice card, but tried my 4850 and another guys 4830 in crossfire and it was very impressive, to the point that I don't see a reason to go to the top of the 4800 series let alone the 5000 series.

Chime in here. I do listen and respect your opinions and advice. Again, I run flight simulator and maybe someday get back to WoW or something more taxing. But teaching an old dog new tricks is well....

So Happy Holidays all and thanks.