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Thread: GA-X58A-UD7 with a V10 to go kthx

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    Default GA-X58A-UD7 with a V10 to go kthx

    Hi guys. So I bought this "THING" I call it a thing because I said %*&#@ thing all morning.
    Its a Coolermaster V10. Please understand that I am so far away from knowing anything about anything re Overclocking/tweaking that I need a map to remember where the power button is (exaggerated yes)

    I have a ...
    GA-X58A-UD7 Motherboard
    Intel i7950
    6GB OCZ 2000mhz Cas9.
    Coolermaster real power pro 850W

    So the "THING" is a coolermaster V10. Don't believe the hype it was a dream to install and clears my ram easily. It also allows room for the stock heat-sink cooler that came with the board. It all fits very nicely into my Gigabyte Aurora which I thought I got sick of and was about to spend $500 on a new case but now I am liking it all over again. I also thought I would have to buy a new PSU but I dont think I do. It is powering
    2 x SATA Burners
    6 x HDD (main Velociraptor 300gb)
    2 x EXT HDD
    (Total HDD space 4.5TB)
    2 x 9800 GTX+ video cards attached to 4 monitors and more usb peripherals than you can poke a stick at. So I think it might be all good. The 850 works but the cables are stiff, thick and horrible to hide/work with.

    I have tried the Overclocking, remember I know nothing so I used easytune. (images below)

    Can anyone read the images and tell me if this is good? The temperature/overclock factor does it seem right? I want to learn but it takes me longer due to the self abuse with beer for 25 years (yes I have mild brain damage so its hard to remember new things I learn:coocoo:)

    Anyone with knowledge of any mistakes I am making so far, please be kind and tell me? Cheers guys.

    I was really stressing the PC useing PS CS4 with a few images loaded (2GB images) running a movie and I arked up CRYSIS on full, email browser etc all running at once for 10 min before I took a screenshot the temps if thats at all relevant

    (I did post this thread at another site if it looks familiar)
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