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Thread: Gigabyte's Sata/USB 3 P55A Boards???

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    Default Gigabyte's Sata/USB 3 P55A Boards???

    Kinda new here, and I've search allllllll over for this. Tomorrow the rest of my system will be here, and I don't have a second card to test this, but was wondering if someone has. I realize there aren't many USB 3.0 drives out (I think Buffalo makes a few), but figured I'd ask anyway. So, does anyone have a P55A board that's tested running x8 (1st slot) x4 (2nd slot) with something else pulling from the lanes? I know the use of Sata 3/USB 3.0 is supposed to take bandwidth from the 2nd slot, but was wondering if it took the full 8 lanes even if say USB 3.0 is enabled, while Sata 3 is disabled. I guess I was wondering about x4 for each path and its rather unclear in the manual (Block diagram shows them as x1 each).
    It's really not a big deal, I was just more curious than anything. Thanks to anyone who has tried this. :)

    Edit: Hmm my sig didn't show up. I Will have a P55A-UD4P tomorrow in case it matters.

    Edit again lol: I didn't understand this at first but after reading a bit more I do now and I'm happy :D Sorry for the post.
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