Just bought myself the OCZ REAPER 1066 (4GB 2 STICKS) series... trying to overclock becuase i did so myself (with a bit of help from a friend) and i seem to get recent crashes from games(but seemed to work fine for a couple days)... when i boot it says memory is running at 1066 Unganged

The ram is running is both slots 1&2
my mobo is the Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P
CPU is the AM3 AMD Phenom X2 550 3.1Ghz
I current have setting set to in bios

Memory Clock [x5.33] 1066mhz
DDR2 Voltage Control: [+0.300V] 2.100
DCTS Mode: Unganged

Cas Latency: 5T
RAS to CAS R/W delay :5T
ROW Precharge Time : 5T
Minimum RAS Active Time: 15T
1T/2T Command Timing: 2T
TwTr Cmoand Delay: 4T
Trfc0 for DIMM1: 195
Trfc2 for DIMM2: 195
Trfc1 for DIMM3: 195
Trfc3 for DIMM4: 75

Write Recovery Time:6T
Precharge Time: 3T
Rowcycle Time: 25T

please help because i have no idea what im doing :P