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Thread: EX58-UD5, unpredictable freezing, possibly irq-related?

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    Default EX58-UD5, unpredictable freezing, possibly irq-related?

    Greetings. I've had a particular problem with my EX58-UD5 ever since I first started making use of it, about nine months ago. Certain conditions seem to carry some risk of the pc freezing. It's similar to the freezing experienced by the poor fellow in this forum whose thread is now four pages long, but I'm willing to elaborate in ways which will hopefully be of use.

    I'm using a core i7 920, a Radeon HD4870, one 640GB SATA HDD, one SATA dvd burner, and that's it. Windows XP 32-bit.

    First, the nature of this "freezing," as I label it. When it happens, the video stops completely. The audio (there is always something playing) gets stuck in a looped stutter which I estimate to be around 15 repeats per second. There is no recovery from this, and things do not change if I permit the phenomenon to continue for any length of time. The freeze occurs, on average, once per 3 or 4 hours of watching videos. But there is much variability. I can go for days without a freeze. Or I can get a freeze three minutes after resetting from a previous freeze.

    It is easy to anticipate when this problem is likely to occur. There are essentially only two cases: Either I'm watching a video, or I'm playing a two-dimensional game such as Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. I have played 3d games such as Dragon Age from beginning to end (hundreds of hours) without having a single freeze. 3d gaming does not precipitate the problem. Nor does browsing the web, listening to music, or any other task besides the two I have outlined.

    Secret of Monkey Island has frozen on three occasions during the time I've spent playing it, which is more or less on par with the interludes between freezes I experience when watching videos. The videos I watch can be either windowed (taking up as little as a third of the screen) or fullscreen - it doesn't seem to matter. What does appear to affect the rate is the bitrate (or the resolution) of the video. It feels as though higher-definition videos pose an enhanced risk. With that having been said, I have, on one occasion, had the pc freeze while watching a low-resolution Youtube video, fullscreen.

    Troubleshooting steps I have taken:

    1) Temperature. No problem. Not only do I have a very nice heatsink mounted on the cpu, which enables me to overclock to 4Ghz with absolutely no threat of heat issues, but I have been running all hardware at stock for all the time I've been using it, apart from the one day when I overclocked just to see how well the heatsink was working. Furthermore, regardless of what video I'm watching, cpu utilization never exceeds, say, 10%. The HD4870 does generate heat, but I have its fan at 50% at all times, and its temperature stays plenty cool. I also have the case open all the time, mainly because the heatsink is slightly too large to allow me to close it back up.

    2) Hardware. I have two HD4870s as well as an Nvidia card, and I have cycled each of them - including changing the drivers, naturally - to my satisfaction. The video card is not the issue. I have three sticks of 2GB Gskill ram. I've cycled through each, trying one at a time. I have also run memtest for over 24 hours. The ram is not the issue. The psu is 1000 watts; this is plenty. I have stress tested the cpu for 24 hours with no result.

    3) Software. I have switched between K-Lite and CCCP codec packs, with no resolution. I've tried multiple media players. It bears repeating that the freeze once happened while watching a Youtube video.

    What I haven't tried: A new bios. Right now I'm using F5. The latest non-beta is F7, and there are a few newer ones, but the last bios which claims to have had any bearing on stability was F5. There are reasons why I am hesitant to try this. Unless I learn that a subsequent bios update did in fact address some known stability issue, I'm unlikely to do this.

    Now we come to the crux of this post, and the reason I decided to start looking for help. Recently I took a look at irq conflicts. There was... a boatload of them. PCI Bus sharing with DMA controller, 4870 sharing with "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge" in two instances (I/O port and memory address), four conflicts on IRQ 17 and a whopping TEN conflicts on IRQ 16, and that's far from the complete list. I know nothing about all this. I'm left wondering if this is supposed to be normal. My vague understanding of these issues, from some ten years in the past, is that they were the sort of problem that could generate precisely the kind of freezing issue I'm experiencing.

    I'll leave it at that. Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: EX58-UD5, unpredictable freezing, possibly irq-related?

    f5 is a very old bios,look on latest gigabyte bios on main page and flash to the latest one f9m i know its beta but its 100% reliable ive been using them without any issue,flash using qflash,read main page for flashing guide
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