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Which CPU temperature is 75c?
Are those EasyTune/BIOS readings or core tems? These temps too high either way.
What kind of case/fans do you have? Could be margins for improving air flow/case vantilation.
What is the ambiant temperature.
And most important, what CPU/CPU cooler? Have you removed the CPU and reinstalled it without re-applying thermal paste? What kind of thermal paste do you use?

A simple test you can make is remove the side of the case and with room fan blowing on it see what temps you get then.

EDIT: see that the CPU HS is seated properly.
Program: RealTemp
Cooler: Intel Stock HSF
CPU: C2D E8200
Thermal Grease: Zalman Thermal Paste
Case Fans: Front fan blowing in.
Reat fan blowing out.

I reseated and reapplied thermal paste.

This is very strange, as it is not the RAM's fault.

My CPU always maxed out at 65C, in summer. (My room temp is about 30C)