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Thread: EX58a UD5 PWM woes & IFX-14 comment

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    Default EX58a UD5 PWM woes & IFX-14 comment

    I just put together an EX58a UD5 based machine. The CPU cooler is a Thermalright IFX-14 hooked up to two connected Arctic Cooling AF 12 PWM case fans that are connected to the CPU_FAN.

    The BIOS (just flashed to F2c) has CPU SMART fan-Enabled & CPU SMART FAN-PWM.

    Although the Fans are running (apparently at full speed), the BIOS as well as EasyTune and Speedfan 4.0 list the fan speed at 0 RPM. No matter how I set the PWM Advanced mode in EasyTune5->Smart, the fans just keep rolling on. How do I get the PWM function to work properly?

    The I7 920 at default values runs at idle CPU 32|Core32/30/32/29. At 100% the values are CPU 47|Core54/54/53/49.

    As an aside, although this is not my first computer build, it is my first experience with an aftermarket cooler. The installation of the IFX-14 was difficult and necessitated the removal of the ends of two radiator leaves to make room for the Corsair Dominator memory I'm using, a large long-nosed set of pliers was necessary to plug in the ATX_12V_2x, the PCIEX1_1 slot is covered up and not usable, the DDR3 memory in the first slot cannot be removed, the DDR3 also interfered with some of the fan clips so I had to resort to cable ties to place the fans and the business end of this monster cooler was convex. If I ever have to take this cooler off, I will replace it with something smaller and easier to install.

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    Default Re: EX58a UD5 PWM woes & IFX-14 comment

    The TRUE is also PIA, the best mounting system I've come across is that of the Prolimatech Megahalems and it's performance is right there with the true.
    920 D0, 4.3Ghz, 1.312v (24/7 OC)
    EX58-UD5, TRUE, Gig GTX-260OC
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