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Thread: [Tutorial] Getting your EP41-UD3L to boot from a flash USB drive.

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    Default [Tutorial] Getting your EP41-UD3L to boot from a flash USB drive.

    It was yesterday that I found a solution to this, after about 4 hours of meddling around in my BIOS settings, I found out how to do it.

    Notes :
    -This is tested and working.
    -To my knowledge, this only works on the EP41-UD3L motherboard.
    -Do NOT use @BIOS, use the qflash utility, like the tutorial I posted under says.

    Step 1 : Upgrading your BIOS to F5. You can skip this step if you already have F5.

    Download the F5 bios from here :
    Select from what server you want to download it from (this really won't make a difference, it will just affect the speed you download the file at.

    Step 2 : Flashing your BIOS to F5.

    Right, now you have it installed and extracted to your desktop, it's time to flash your BIOS! Sounds scary, right ? Don't worry, it's really easy, and there's even a tutorial on doing so! Just go to this link :
    Right, now you've flashed your BIOS, here comes the editing part. I know! - I'll take pictures of my current BIOS settings, just like a picture tutorial!
    Step 3 : Click on the images.
    Right, now restart your computer and press "del" when the GIGABYTE screen comes up.
    Click on this link and and edit your BIOS options to be the same as mine.
    I hope this was and will be of help in the future. :)
    Thanks for reading :P

    P.S Sorry for the bigass images, my camera takes them in that resolution, lol.
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    Default Re: [Tutorial] Getting your EP41-UD3L to boot from a flash USB drive.

    RE GA-p55-ud3r MB bios F4 and front usb problem which works on mouse and 1.0 but not 2.0 usb devices like flash drives and external hdd usb.

    Reply from Gigabyte to check my connectors and see how it goes I explained that above proves that cables and connectors are ok!
    Now bios F5B has been released i try that. Yes it miraculously fixed USB problem. I am happy to resolve problem.

    But why cant Gigabyte support be a man? Ok we have USB problem. Wait for fix coming soon. Thats all is needed. Honesty i customer dealings.

    So far all devices work on external usb sockets a1 since bios update.

    Yes also i try to upgrade but cant via usb 2.0 and had toget usb 1.0 flash drive (1gig or under most likely) and after bios update f5B my mb GA-P55-UD3R is working much beeter at seeing all USB devices correctly.

    Sounds exactly like your problem yet different MB! Did MR Duff USB driver visit the Gigabyte factory! Pity there is no honesty anymore in dealing with the public and genuine customeers. Thats the world we live in.
    Next time it wont be a gigabyte MB! This customer wiill vote with his feet!

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    Default Re: [Tutorial] Getting your EP41-UD3L to boot from a flash USB drive.

    PLEASE help me i did every thing you said and still cant get it to boot
    i have a bootable os x on a usb stick but every time i try boot it
    i get stuck at IDE verfying ...
    it doesnt go any farther
    i how ever updated my mobo bios to F6 not F5
    the bios settings are set as you said in both your topics and here are some photos of my bios if you can help me i would be very happy person

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