Hi folks

Got a MA790XT-UD4P with Phenom II 955 + Asus 5850 GPU = "The Dragon"

Yes... obviously I AM a 'sucker' for advertising :-)

Running 4 gb G.Skill DDR3-1600 9-9-9-12 Ram and a Coolermaster V8 in a Sniper Scout case.

Loaded the AMD Overdrive utility and I'm ready to wake up my sleeping "Dragon"

Pushed the sliders to a multiplier of 17 to give it a try... nice utility compared to having to boot into the bios all the time.

I'm not looking for any 'super' numbers. 3.6 or maybe 3.8 tops.

Before I start tweaking further, thought I'd ask If anyone has any experience with their "Dragon"... I'd appreciate if you could share your experiences + numbers.

Thanks !

Rick / Canada