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Thread: [E8400 & EP45DS3] Above 500 FSB !

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    Default [E8400 & EP45DS3] Above 500 FSB !

    Hello everyone !

    My name is Armand, i'm 23, and fond of OC !

    I've been looking for some tips to hit 500 FSB on google and this forum appeared many times, so here I am, with one goal :

    Hit 533 FSB !

    here's my configuration :
    E8400 (E0)
    G.Skill 2x2 GB 5-5-5-15 @ 2,2 Volt

    Fact is I'm rock stable @ 4,164 Ghz (I've been with this OC for 8 months with no problem) my FSB is 490 (x8,5) synchro 2.00D (1:1) but there is no way to boot above 500 FSB, even if my coef is very low and my voltage very high, I hope someone could help me, i'd be very delighted !

    CPU Clock ratio 8
    Fine CPU 0.5
    CPU freq 4,16 ghz

    Cpu host clock [enabled]
    cpu host frequence [490]
    PCI express Freq [101]
    CIA 2 [disabled]

    DRAM Perf
    Perform Enhance [Standard]
    XMP [Profile 1]
    MCH Frequency latch [AUTO]
    Système memory Muliplier (SPD] [2.00D]
    Memory Frequency 980 Mhz
    DRAM Timing Selectable [Auto] 5-5-5-15

    CPU Vcore [1,400] (much less on CPU-Z, Everest and OCCT = 1,33-1,34 volt in charge)
    CPU Termination (VTT) [1.440]
    CPU PLL [1,500]
    CPU ref [Auto]

    MCH Core [1,200V]
    MCH Ref [Auto]
    MCH/DRAM Ref [Auto]
    ICH I/0 [Auto]

    Dram Voltage [2.200]
    DRAM Termination [Auto]
    Channel A ref [Auto]
    Channel B ref [auto]


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    Default Re: [E8400 & EP45DS3] Above 500 FSB !

    Diasable the XMP profile and set some your memory timings manually, this could be your RAM holding you back, just one timing that is set wrongly due to the XMP profile can be your problemen here.

    You may also want to try newer/other BIOS revsions ( you don't mention what BIOS you're running).

    Normally your E0 stepping CPU should be able to run 533 FSB and a good P45 should also do the job.

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    Default Re: [E8400 & EP45DS3] Above 500 FSB !

    Thanks for the reply, i'll set it manually but what should I enter ? Is there any timing I should change ?

    here's my RAM : G.SKILL-Products

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    Default Re: [E8400 & EP45DS3] Above 500 FSB !

    I seriousely doubt XMP is your problem, or anyones problem, unless you OC higher than EPP/XMP specs which then you may need to set CAS manually(higher) as it is the only settings that does not changes automatically by the BIOS.

    If I were you I would first see what can be done to lower VTT below 1.4v (MCH/CPU refs).
    Then drop CPU Ratio to 8 and try to go up with FSB. You may need another memory multiplier (2B/A/C)
    A bit more MCH Core may be needed, PLL one notch up, clock skews maybe too.

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