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Thread: GA-EP45 DQ6 - Whats the Go?

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    Default GA-EP45 DQ6 - Just wont work


    I have a GA-EP45 DQ6

    Ive had it for about 1 year sitting on a shelf as I have never been able to get it working

    I have finally decided to give it a go again, the board was bought new at the time,

    Specs of hardware testing,
    - Intel e5200 @ stock, Intel e6850 @ stock - Pulled from working machines

    - various sticks of ram including
    - 1x 512mb stick generic 667mhz
    - 4x 2gb sticks of G Skill PI 1066mhz, tried 1 stick at a time then more sticks
    - 4x 2gb sticks of G Skill PI 1100mhz, tried 1 stick at a time then more sticks
    - 4x 2gb sticks of Corsair 1066mhz, tried 1 stick at a time then more sticks
    - all sticks pulled from working machines

    Bios's tested, F11,F12,F13d beta,

    - GPU - GT220 and ATI2400

    - Samsung 750gb sata, Pulled from a working machine

    - Various PSU's including 400w - 600w, total of 5 tested

    Issues I am having.

    - The Motherboard has this reboot loop that a hard power off is the only fix, does this with any hardware config

    - The board has this random turn off and will just shutdown, does this with any hardware config

    - Board tends to turn on whenever it wants

    - When I am in windows 7 can only run a prime95 for about 5min b4 freezeing, system is very very cool

    - Seems to be very very psu sensitive,

    Things I have done

    Firstly the gigabyte dimm slots are appalling, Cleaned each slot to get each stick stable in bios, this was done by a
    simple wiggle of each stick of ram while scrolling thru the bios, without cleaning the dimm slots the bios would freeze
    instantly after 2sec, after cleaning all dimm slots I can wiggle the ram endlessly without freezing

    Dismantled the heatpipe array and checked for poor contact, re-assembled, all chips do not even get warm.

    All ram sticks have been cleaned,

    Cpu's reseated many many times,

    Multimeter on all voltage rails and are well within limits,

    Multimeter on all motherboard contacts to ensure all mobo voltages are within range.

    The board has plenty of cooling, added extra fans on mobo and the cpu hsf is a TT big typhoon which keeps the cpu at
    30deg c.


    I can only get into windows with ONE PSU, all other PSU's are in perfect working order and work on any other system,
    all voltages are perfect.

    Each PSU seems to have a diff effect on the system, either just turns on then off in a loop, or just randomly reboots

    This board seems to work best with 1x 152mb stick which I cant live with, must have 8gb

    Also the board seems to ignore what mem voltage you set in the bios, If you put a multimeter on the ddr voltage read out
    on the mobo it will always be forced to 2.1v regardless to what the bios is set, I have had it sometimes go to 1.8v but
    not often,

    Has this stupid red box that displays in the tweaking section in the bios saying a incorrect setting were changed, this
    happens even if all settings are put to stock,

    Does anyone know what is going on with this board?

    The only thing I am not running is a 8pin mobo power connector and a 24pin atx power connecter, I am running a 4pin mobo

    connector and a 20pin atx power connecter, this should have no effect on the system

    I have tried 8pin and 24pin psu's in the past (about a year) ago with this mobo and still had issues

    I am at a loss to whats going on


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    Default Re: GA-EP45 DQ6 - Whats the Go?

    Well I signed up to this site after some technical support

    I was obviously wrong, Not even any insight from a Gigabyte Rep,

    Looks like there are no proper troubleshooters on this site.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45 DQ6 - Whats the Go?

    It sounds like the board is simply deffective. You tried different RAM and CPUs which are definitely working. Same probably goes for the video cards, so that only leaves the board itself and the older PSUs.

    The PSU only having 4 & 20 pin should not be an issue though I think. 4 pin is definitely no issue, 20 pin could possibly be an issue, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

    The only thing that I can suggest ist trying the board with a tested PSU with a 24 pin connector, but probably your problem is just a bad board.

    The RAM voltage not being what you set it to could be the XMP profile being activated, which may override your manual voltage setting.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45 DQ6 - Whats the Go?

    So yeah I have that same board.

    No it doesn't sound like the board is defective. It sounds like you have a simple memory issue. The fact you dismantled a heat pipe appalls me. Its common for new systems/boards to have issues initially (you don't rip apart heat pipes as part of the differential). Its more likely to be a bios/memory issue than a PSU issue especially if you are posting.

    If the board is posting (ie you see the gigabyte logo or the boot screen) and failing in prime and doing that random reboot lockup screams memory issue. That random reboot lockup occurs at high fsbs (450ish) for me and is specifically a memory issue due to overclocking.

    I strongly suggest you:

    -get the lastest bios. Very good chance this fixes all your issues
    -use the manufacturers settings for ram instead of the auto settings (that means 2.1V vdimm, 2x multipliers instead of trying to max out your ram speed, 333mhz latch 5-5-5-15 timings, etc- those are generally what is recommended) and start with just 1 or 2 sticks of ram
    -ensure that you have the right boot order (OS hard drive first) as well

    I doubt its the board is incompatible with your psu and etc especially if you can run prime. If you can post, but crash in windows and have the random reboot loop its
    1) a bios issue (there was a bios update released that specifically addressed that)
    2) its a memory issue

    Oh and finally there is one more thing. If you are not using spacers, you may be having a short circuit via one of the screws making contact with a part of the board. Essentially take out some screws and try booting and getting stability without them in place. If you are using spacers then you're fine. (a short circuit really puzzled me for a while on one of my rigs; the board flat out would not post)
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    Default Re: GA-EP45 DQ6 - Whats the Go?

    I suggest that you boot with only one memory module in slot #1.
    Enter the bios, load optimized bios settings and reboot into the bios.
    Use the basic settings in this post, and follow steps 1 - 4 to provide us with complete information.
    Next you should upgrade your bios to the most recent version, following the instructions in the BIOS Flashing - A "How To ~ Qflash Guide".

    After the bios flash, you will need to load optimized bios settings again and re-enter your bios settings.
    Hopefully your system will now be able to post with 2 memory modules.
    You should test with Memtest86+ (v4.x) for at least 6 - 12 full passes before booting into windows, where you can perform extended stress/stability tests using Intel BurnTest (IBT), Prime95, OCCT, and/or Orthos.

    Good luck!

    **edit** You might need to test with your mobo removed from the computer case to ensure that there aren't any grounding issues.
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    Default Re: GA-EP45 DQ6 - Whats the Go?

    8GB(4x2GB) RAM

    MCH Core..........1.100V................: 1.380V << This is ok, but may be a little much, but all board vary. So try 1.34-1.4 as well

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    Default Re: GA-EP45 DQ6 - Whats the Go?

    .1 if you couldnt get the mbrd to workand thought it was defective ,you should have returned it a year ago. 775 cpu's are only guaranteed for a maximum of 50 insertions /reinsertions.
    Slight indentations are going to be present on the pads ,pins on the mrbrd may be bent slightly with different cpus etc.

    3.old ram is going to have grooves worn in it/perhaps residue build up,unless gold plated.Wiggling seems to me as just a way of ensuring contacts will become even looser.

    When u do get a boot load and save optimum defaults ,you may have to tell the bios the memory timings on the next post,or not.
    lll these different connections/cpu;s and ram may be bending the contacts.

    24 pin atx + the extra 4 or 8 pin cpu power should be good .

    are u sure this power connector is a 20 pin + seperate 4 pin or should the connector be used as a full (2x12)24 pin with the 4 pin piggybacked onto the 20 pin?
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