Hello all,

New to this forum after looking through some google searches. Looks like you guys give great advice, so I thought I'd ask a couple of questions. I'm not a complete newbie as I built this rig on my own, however I am not exactly up to speed with the BIOS settings and configuration to get the best possible performance out of this setup.

1. I installed W7 x64 and immediately ran WEI. Received a 5.9 because of my hard drive performance. All other categories were mid 7's. How can I increase this speed? Does it have something to do with the BIOS legacy PATA vs AHCI setting? I just discovered this after the googling, so now of course I have to change it and re-install the OS. No big deal I hope? I should not have to re-partition? I hope not as I have copied some files to the extra partitions (not the C drive)

2. I know some people say the stock cooler is a joke. What is a decently priced cooler you would suggest? (Trying to stay within $40-$50 if possible) I already wiped the crap thermal paste that comes in the box and used Arctic Silver.

I am open to all suggestions for anything that can help me get the money's worth of parts I just bought. I look forward to learning a lot of good stuff here.

My specs:

Core i5 750 Lynnfield
G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1333
WD Black 1TB (also using older Maxtor 300GB from previous computer)
Lite-On 24X CD/DVD Burner
Powercolor HD5770 1GB
Corsair 650TX