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Thread: X58A totally flaky

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    Quote Originally Posted by markdobbo View Post
    I had terrible trouble with my Crucial SSD and the blue Intel SATA ports, just would not see the drive with AHCI enabled. Would sometimes see it, but W7 would not install.

    I gave up in the end and used it in the white ports, worked flawlessly in them ever since.

    Still cannot get the SSD to be seen on the blue ports, system just hangs on the port that the SSD is plugged into. I've updated the firmware on the SSD, and updated my mobo bios to F9M, and changed the SATA cables....still no joy.

    Good luck, I'll keep an eye on this thread incase you have better luck than me.
    I was really glad to see your post. I was also using the ICH10 SATA - and no difference if I used the Vertex 60GB or X25M 80GB drives - I would get the same hangs you did. The blue ports are supposed to be better. Like you I updated the firmware on both SSD's, ran Intel SSD Toolbox on the X25M, etc. Also changed cables with no luck. I RMA'd the board to my eTailer this morning luckily. I will see what happens with the replacement board when I finally get it, in the mean time I've ordered a Classified 760 board which will be here tomorrow. I really wanted the Gigabyte board to work but honestly it is the strangest behaving mobo I've had in the past 10 years or more. Just got a bad one I think.

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    if you get a new one and have same issues...then i would say its the memtest on each stick independantly....not all at the same time...had issues a few weeks back with that memory and it passed all was only when i tested stick 1 at a time that i found the problem.......hope you post what happens when you get your replacement


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