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Thread: GA-EP45-UD3P Freezing while gaming !

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    Default GA-EP45-UD3P Freezing while gaming !

    Hey Guys ...

    Well, I'm new here, and sorry for future english mistakes, i'm from Brazil !
    Well, I'm facing a VERY Weird trouble while gaming ...

    After many days of "google" ... and after many tests ( I'll report them bellow ) I believe I'm almost finding the cause ...

    The System:

    [email protected]
    4x1GB Kingston HyperX [email protected] ( 5-5-5-15 / 2.3V )
    XFX GTX275 XXX ( Stock )
    2x160GB Smasung RAID0
    1X500GB Western Digital
    Cooler Master Real Pro 700W

    The problem:

    Game "Crashes" while playing ( if I press CTRL + DEL and then go back to the game, the problem gone away ... until the issue happen again ... and so on ... )

    Well, after many trials and many threads opened so far, I've finally found a clue ...


    To see if the problem was within my VGA, I've pluged it in other two computers, and the error didn't happened ...

    Well, I was checking every part of my system ... and then, I've discovered that My Ram + Vga were giving me the "crash" in the games.

    If I place my memories and VGA in any computer, the "Crash" will happen ...
    So, I concluded that my VGA and my RAM can't live together :(


    What I've already done

    1- Fully Update system
    2- Fully Updated BIOS ( F10K )
    3- Tried last 10 WHQL Nvidia drivers for Windows 7 ( always using Driver Sweeper and Ccleaner in safe mode for a fully removal driver procedure )
    4- Fully Updated DirectX
    5- Formatted the system
    6- Runned on stock
    7- Passed on 50 LinX tests using all Available RAM ( Stock and with overclock )
    8- Passed 500% Memtest 4.0 with all Available RAM


    Well, I REALLY don't know Why my HyperX and my GTX275 don't "Like" each other, since they are running well in any other situation.

    Do you have any ideas of "what" could be happening ?

    Any help will be great ...

    Thanks in advance !
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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3P Freezing while gaming !

    So you have the problem both with stock and OC settings?
    Does the game just freeze or crash completely?
    Have you ran Prime95/Orthos blend torure too? Sometimes it may find problems that LinX does not.
    Post your full BIOS settings using the template in this post or the one before, and users may be able to comment.
    See steps 1-4 in this post about more information that may be required.

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