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Thread: GA-P55-UD3R i7 860 tRTP stuck at 22x170

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    Default GA-P55-UD3R i7 860 tRTP stuck at 22x170

    Maybe someone can offer some wisdom, insight or comments please.
    I have this MB paired with 8GB Mushkin 996782 7-9-7-24 1.65v memory.
    I have tried various setting to get to 180 BCLK.
    I am a rock at 170. Vc 1.1625, Qtt 2.1, Vdimm 1.64
    At 175, P95 Blend errors +45 minutes then I saw post about tRTP.
    So, more experimenting =

    21/22x170 8-10-8-28 SPD 10x - did not POST - used cpu-tweaker and found tRTP was 6; Vc 1.1625
    set tRTP = 9, POSTED
    21/22x175 7-9-7-24 SPD 8x - P95 Blend failed 2:45, Vc 1.1875, Qtt 1.21, Vdimm 1.64
    21/22x180 7-9-7-24 SPC 8x - P95 Blend fail immediate, Vc 1.1875, Qtt 1.31, Vdimm 1.66
    memory subs looks like this in bios with [CPU-Tweaker] - this is the new F5 bios for this mobo
    tRC 1-63 Auto 33...............?
    tRRD 1-7 Auto 4................[5]
    rWTR 1-31 Auto 5.........?
    rWR 1-15 Auto 10..............[10]
    rWTP 1-31 Auto 21.......[22]
    rWL 1-10 Auto 7..............?
    tRFC 1-255 Auto 74......[76]
    tRTP 1-15 Auto 5..............[9] - manual
    tFAW 1-63 Auto 20......?

    Upping Qtt seems to make thing worse. At 1.25 failed 52 minutes.
    System will post at 18x200, ran Memtest like 5 min to check.

    I guess my not-knowing ? is the chance possibility of a sub-timing issue.
    I would like to get to 180 but am OK at 170.
    Thanks is advance for the assistance.

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    Default Re: GA-P55-UD3R i7 860 tRTP stuck at 22x170

    i dont think you will run with that tight timings and 8gb,try looser timings and see if you can clock to 3.8ghz,also qpi voltage of 2.1 is waay too high,i only need 1.3v at 3.8ghz try with 1.3v,you may need slightly more with 8gb,no higher than 1.4v though,set system performance enhance to standard aswell if you havnt already
    Gigabyte ex58-ud5 f12 bios
    Intel i7 920 d0 @3.8ghz 24/7-normal cpu voltage 1.18750v/c1e/turbo/multi threading enabled
    Ocz reaper DDR3 PC3-14400 (1800MHz) 3x2gb (OCZ3RPR1800LV6GK) 8-8-8-24-1t-@1.64v-1.3qpi
    Thermolab Baram cpu cooler
    Dual Boot
    1xsamsung 750gb hard drive-win7 ultimate 64
    1xsamsung 750gb hard drive-windows xp pro 32
    Ati x1950 pro gpu
    Logitech X-530 5.1 Speakers
    1050w psu
    Nzxt lexa case <=3.8ghz overclock template

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