Update: Checked out the cooler and all seemed fine other than it feeling really cold. I mean, it felt slightly cooler than room temp, but it wasn't getting scorching hot.
I applied new thermal paste, put it back together and checked CoreTemp. I was getting 27-31C at idle. Prime95 Blend for 11hours with High at 71. Just for grins I bumped the multiplier to x11 for 2.93Ghz. Idle temps at 30-32...Prime 95 Blend for 12 hours with High at 71. This is still hotter than I'd like, but livable until I can get better cooling I suppose.
I'll add to this one more time when I get home tonight just to post the BIOS settings as they stand right now. I hope I can revisit this when I get the cooling system and push for at least 3.6Ghz...I'd love to hit 4 though.

Another question if you guys would be so kind....I have the system in AHCI mode with Win7 64 on a 60GB SSD drive (for OS and apps). I also have (2) 750GB Seagates in my old system in RAID-1 controlled by Intel Matrix Storage manager. If I want to move those drives to this machine and am not concerned about losing data or having to wipe them, do I simply add them to the available 'yellow' ports?
Do I have to change anything in the BIOS to set those 2 only up as RAID-1 storage? Not to include the boot drive. I see a quick flash during POST for the JMicron controller and it shows 'No Drives Detected' I'm assuming this is the RAID controller.(?) and both settings in BIOS are set to AHCI...but not AHCI/RAID. Will changing that to RAID mess with the SSD at all?
Thanks in advance for the help!