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Thread: Crossfire Issues on X58-UD5 F11 BIOS

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    Default Crossfire Issues on X58-UD5 F11 BIOS

    Hi, so far I have a good experience of my mobo (and I also still have a Gigabtye 965P DS3 and P31 running so generally I am happy with em) but I have a problem with the F11 BIOS on the X58-UD5... not a big deal for me (as I heve reverted to an earlier BIOS) but notable nonetheless.

    I re-installed Windows 7 this weekend and whilst I was at it I updated the BIOS on my Gigabyte X58 UD5 mobo from F9 to F11 ... as you do!

    Well, after testing that my i7 4.2GHz overclock was running well on the new BIOS it was time to install the ATI drivers ... well, BSOD on install Managed to get them installed after a few tries though and then various issues followed with attempts to get the 5970+5870 to play well ...

    Bottom line was when starting a game/demo/benchmark instant BSOD mostly and sometimes a few frames in before a lock up and power off/on to get it back ... each card ran perfectly on its own however together in crossfireX it was no go ... this was evident on default stock values (optimised defaults in BIOS) so not an overclock issue with new BIOS.

    I have now flashed back to F9 BIOS with 10.3 preview ATI drivers without issues so something in the BIOS is my nomination for the cause, whether that be by design or otherwise.

    This may be specific to the 5970/5870 combo but maybe it is Crossfire related but I don't have 2x5870 to test ...

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    Default Re: Crossfire Issues on X58-UD5 F11 BIOS

    Just keep using F9. Newer BIOSes are not always better in every way, they can also introduce problems that haven't been there before. Since F9 works and F11 doesn't it's definitely the BIOS, and there's nothing we can do about it.

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    Default Re: Crossfire Issues on X58-UD5 F11 BIOS


    I will be building a i7 920 rig very soon which will have two Asus 5850's in crossfire.

    I am intending to flash the bios straight to F11 before building any further.

    Are there any more reports of people have any problems with F11 and crossfire?

    A slight change to the above, I'll be flashing the bios to F12 now as it's the latest.
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