Bios templates are only a guide and once you get towards limits you will have to "discover" your own settings.
A simple example is dd2 memory voltage.
your mbrd gives you the "naughty spot" limit on at 2.3v in bios settings it turns red.danger.
Every other item, cpu .gtl ref, and other voltages /settings,you can research outside of this forum as to what settings people use.
ddr3 memory voltage settings ,well im sure there is a red "naughty spot" range there also.Somewhere between 1.6 and 1.8 V probably?
Either way unless your post replys are from people who have systems very close to yours ,once you get out of the basic setups ,there is a lot of trial and error.

I mean I have a reasonable understanding of 775 cpu;s and ddr2 memory on the gigabyte boards with intel and to a certain extent nvidia chipsets
i5,i7,amd ,ddr3,i3 etc are newer so beware of opinion without "experience" posts