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Thread: I need a Match Maker

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    Default I need a Match Maker

    Hi ! I'm Jadiboy and I need some help ! I'm building my own desktop computer out of these components :

    - Ultra EXO desktop case
    - Ultra 600 watt ATX power supply
    - Gigabyte main board GA-EP45-UD3P Rev 1.6
    - Intel Core2Quad Q6600 SLACR GO, 2.4 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB, L2 Cache 8 Mb,
    Thermal Design Power 95 Watts, Thermal Specification 71 deg. Centagrade, VID Voltage Range 0.85 V - 1.5 V
    - OS Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
    - 4 RAM sticks, OCZ PC2 8500, PN OCZ2RPR 10664GK, 2 X 2Gb, 1066 Mhz, 5-5-5 @ 2.1 V
    - Hard Drive; Seagate, Beracuda, 1 Terra Byte
    - Graphics Card; BFG, GeForce 9600 GT OC
    - Optical Drive; LiteOn, Model iHAS424-98 Y, SATA

    I assembled these components togeather. I installed 1 ram module in the dimm port closest to the CPU and I plugged in the power supply and monitor. When I turned the computer on, I heard no beeps and it would not post on the monitor. I called Gigabyte custumer support and that is when I found out that my ram was not on your QVL list. The tech rep sugested I download the latest BIOS from your web site. I looked up my mobo model and rev and downloaded the BIOS version FEA. The computer posted, so I put the DVD rom installation disk into my optical drive and proceded to install windows vista. The installation program started and I got all the way to the point after I keyed in the product code. I pressed enter and a few moments later the screen turned blue and gave me a error message of system_service_exception. I logged onto an internet forum and saw a simular story as mine. One of the persons on the forum suggested that he might try raising the voltage in the BIOS from the default 1.8 V to what his OCZ modules were rated at ( 2.1 V ). I did the same and it posted and installed the OS to the same point and gave me another blue screen. I don't recall the error message. It said something about; no page file. When I was looking through another forum, I saw another broblem simular to mine and a person there suggested to raise the MCH Core voltage a little bit.
    I'm a novice at BIOS "tweaking" and I don't want to BURN -UP any thing on my mobo !
    I have an idea what your first suggestion would be ( to puchase ram thats on the QVL list ), but, considering I don't have much money and since I got a kick-ass mobo I would want lots of fast memory to go with it and also considering that these 4 modules of OCZ ram cost me about $ 265.00, purchasing more ram would be my LAST resort !! So, I need very much to make these OCZs work with my mobo and I know that it can be done because I see people on the forums do it all the time. AS far as burning things up on my mobo, I have about 20 fans installed all over my computer, including, my CPU, north and south bridge. the one thing I'm worred about is what a tech rep mentioned to me the other day. He said if you raise the voltage on the memory ports you're allso raising the voltage on the ram controler and I don't know where that's located on my mobo !
    So, what I'm asking for is exactly how to tweak the BIOS voltages and, if necesary, change the frequencies and ram timmings in order to make my OZC ram work with my mobo at the ram's rated speed.

    Thanks alot for taking the time to read this message and I would appreciate any help you could give me .

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    Default Re: I need a Match Maker

    try disabling floppy drives in bios,then try installing
    Gigabyte ex58-ud5 f12 bios
    Intel i7 920 d0 @3.8ghz 24/7-normal cpu voltage 1.18750v/c1e/turbo/multi threading enabled
    Ocz reaper DDR3 PC3-14400 (1800MHz) 3x2gb (OCZ3RPR1800LV6GK) 8-8-8-24-1t-@1.64v-1.3qpi
    Thermolab Baram cpu cooler
    Dual Boot
    1xsamsung 750gb hard drive-win7 ultimate 64
    1xsamsung 750gb hard drive-windows xp pro 32
    Ati x1950 pro gpu
    Logitech X-530 5.1 Speakers
    1050w psu
    Nzxt lexa case <=3.8ghz overclock template

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