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Thread: Ep45-ud3p / e8500 /f2-8500l5d help!

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    Default Re: Ep45-ud3p / e8500 /f2-8500l5d help!

    Stressing is not exact sience. I have noticed that prime could run for hours before failure if I stated it 10 minutes after boot, but if I ran it as soon as The desktop showed up while windows is still starting services it would fail almost instantly.

    Have you reverted to your defaults manually or did you restore a BIOS profile?

    Apply the following changes to your defaults and try increasing MCH Core gradually up to 1.26v.
    Performance Enhance ------------------- : [Standard] 
    Channel A
    Static tRead Value --------------------- : [6]
    Channel B
    Static tRead Value --------------------- : [6]

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    Default Re: Ep45-ud3p / e8500 /f2-8500l5d help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Soap View Post
    I made the above changes and when running Prime95 worker#1 failed about 6 minutes in with the below error. I then switched back to my default settings and received the same error still. Not sure why I did not receive this error when I originally ran the tests. Any ideas?

    [Mar 20 18:02] FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
    [Mar 20 18:02] Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.
    [Mar 20 18:02] Torture Test ran 6 minutes - 1 errors, 0 warnings.
    [Mar 20 18:02] Worker stopped.
    Here is a great explanation of prime95 and how to tell what is what

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