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Thread: Gigabyte H55M-UD2H mobo with Intel i5 cpu questions

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    Default Gigabyte H55M-UD2H mobo with Intel i5 cpu questions

    I have to build a workstation for a user who will be primarily doing desktop publishing in WISIWIG and some photo/image with using XP but will migrate to Win7. The workstation uses a 37" LCD 1080p TV/Monitor.

    I'm looking at the Gigabyte H55M-UD2H mobo that utilizes the on-board HD video in the Intel i3,5,7 chips. A couple of questions, though:

    1) I have not found any specific ref-
    erences to the resolutions available
    on the Intel chips. Anyone know?

    2) Since the i5-660 and the i5-750 are
    the same price...what advantage would
    one have over the other for this type
    of application?

    Thanks for any comments.

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    Default Re: Gigabyte H55M-UD2H mobo with Intel i5 cpu questions

    I think the datasheets for each CPU or CPU range would have the information you are looking for in regards to resolutions. Do you need help finding that, if so let me know which you are leaning towards and I will see if I can link you to the datasheets and if it includes this information or not.

    I see several differences in those processors, here you can see what is included in each if you have not looked already

    Intel® Core™ i5-660 Processor (4M Cache, 3.33 GHz) with SPEC Code(s) SLBLV

    Intel® Core™ i5-750 Processor (8M Cache, 2.66 GHz) with SPEC Code(s) SLBLC

    Side-by-side comparison
    Compare Intel® Products,

    I am not sure how either would compare for your needs though, but if possible I do advise you think about getting a dedicated graphics card. That is a large TV and Photoshop can drive some hughe graphical work, not sure if any onboard solution would be good for this type of scenario.

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