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Thread: SATA 3 Setup Questions

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    Default SATA 3 Setup Questions

    I'm trying to upgrade my hard drive configuration to the newer SATA 3, 6Gb/s drives and have a few questions. Here's what I have: GA-P55A-UD3 with two1TB SATA 2 drives configured as RAID 0. I have installed the new SATA 3 drives in the GSATA ports. They are not set as other SATA drives in the early stage of BIOS startup by pressing Ctrl-I, but in Integrated Peripherals usint the GSATA RAID Configuration option. Marvell has a bios setup menu that allows me to configure virtual disks as a single disk and I have done so. I don't see any other options. After this is set, the drives show up as a single IDE on the Standard CMOS Features screen as IDE Channel 6 Master [Marvell Raid VD 0]. So, my questions are, is this correct that it shows up there? It is to be the boot up drive and I plan to reinstall my old RAID 0 drives as a RAID 1 for safety and backup. Is this logical to do? Right now they are installed as RAID 0 also. Also, do I need a special cable for the 6Gb/s transfer rate? Gigabyte includes 3Gb/s cables with the MB but doesn't say that they will work for the higher rate drives. Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: SATA 3 Setup Questions

    GSATA RAID is a different controller, so you sure you put the disk into the right ports for the Marvell controller? Sounds like you did, so just checking to be sure.

    Yes, standard CMOS page can be ignored, and you should not change anything there. They are showing up a a single IDE because of the way you created a virtual RAID Array, instead of doing it hardware wise.

    Yes, you need a SATA 6GB/s cable, one or two should have came with your motherboard

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