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Thread: GA-EX58-UD5 Raid5 unreliable

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    Default Re: GA-EX58-UD5 Raid5 unreliable

    Well, just like on single drive, the filesystem on rAID0 can get corrupted when a write is interrupted. For example the power cuts out in the middle of write. So now it does depend on the filesystem, how badly it corrupts. IIRC, a journaling filesystem keeps a "journal" about what it is about / has done. Thus, there might be some redundancy on the data, by filesystem rather than by the RAID. Naturally, the corruption might occur either during journal write or actual data write. Some of these errors the filesystem probably tolerates better than others. But the main point is that the rAID0 array is like single drive for these errors. (Actually, faster writes ... smaller window of opportunity to fail.)

    And another question is, what was written incompletely? An even log entry? If the EventViewer has sanity checks on reading the logs, it won't crash, and who reads the logs anyway? "Save game" ... probably ruins that game instance. Or in the middle of scheduled automatic defragmentation? Now that I bet to hurt.

    But filesystem corruption can occur to any RAID array too. An incomplete write is an incomplete write. Therefore hardware RAID HBA do have the battery backed cache option; a write stays in RAM until power is restored and drives work again. What the RAID protects against, is physical failure of a hard drive. And, in cases like RAID1, the RAID will notice an incomplete write, when the write did occur on one disk, but not the other. Then it judges which of them is "good", and makes the other match. It might just as well mirror the corruption, for it does not know what the data on the sectors is.

    I'd say that you (Lsdmeasap) either are lucky, just feel lucky, use the computer in sane way, or the probability of corruption is less than expected. But it is safer to expect the Spanish Inquisition, yes?
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    Default Re: GA-EX58-UD5 Raid5 unreliable

    Ohh I have crashed one (RAID 0) once or twice, but not very often and even less often than when RAID 1 says it needs fixing (And then does not anyway) even with a RAID 0 on the same setup.
    I know what you mean though, luckily I keep weekly backups so it wouldn't be all that big of a deal anyway.

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