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Thread: Help me improve/optimize my EP45-UD3P and Q9550

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    Default Re: Help me improve/optimize my EP45-UD3P and Q9550


    Got Q9550 E0 a few days ago, playing with it, hopefully to get few quick answers:

    Board: EP45-UD3L(R) rev. 1.0 F10 (latest bios) + 4870x2 GPU (stock)

    FSB target: 475 Mhz, Current settings: 460x8=3.68 GHz
    Vcore = 1.248v (CPUZ load ) , LLC disabled
    Vtt = 1.32v
    Both refs = 0.67 %
    PLL = 1.55v
    MCH = 1.36v

    I got 9 deg diffrence across chip's cores (MIN - MAX)
    Temps are limiting, even with Mugen II on the chip, I got 70 deg load and 46 IDLE on the hottest core !

    NB is HOOOTTTTT !!!!, 60 on small FFT and 74 on BLEND - can this one be the limiting factor ?

    Also what is the rule of thumb for FSB vs. NB voltage ? (Is it linear relation ?)

    FYI - MCHTemp is reporting NB temperature as the russian written on their forum, (I read russian) - "The P45 chip have inherent temp. diode built inside it..." -=> I saw on some threads here, misknowledge on this subject.


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    Default Re: Help me improve/optimize my EP45-UD3P and Q9550


    It would be better if you make your own thread.
    My guess is your case is not ventilated sufficiently. Try with open case and a room fan over it.

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    Default Re: Help me improve/optimize my EP45-UD3P and Q9550

    I'll spill my 2 cents as well but echoing Chike, a new thread would probably be best. If I were you, I would take out the motherboard and apply AS5 on the northbridge, remove the blue alumnium plates and add a fan if possible. That should largely drop your temps. That's what I have done and I used MCHTemp and it took a while in Prime to even get the temp to register (since it has to go above like 46C) and if I remember right, it didn't go above 50C. That's with 1.4+ volts.

    Pics if you're interested:
    A site I've made from scratch:

    Computer Specs:
    AMD Phenom II x6 1090T @ 3.655GHz (215x17) (stock volts)
    Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 (NB @ 2.58GHz, HT @ 2.15GHz) (stock volts)
    G.Skill RipJaws F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL @ 1.72GHz 9-9-9-24-1T 1.65v
    EVGA GTX 275, 2x250GB SATA RAID0, Corsair AX850
    TRUE w/Delta 120x38mm

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    Default Re: Help me improve/optimize my EP45-UD3P and Q9550

    DO not use AS5 on the NB, use non conductive paste such as MX-2 or TX-2 please.

    If you do not have 8GB of memory you problem is likely way to much NB voltages

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