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Thread: EP45T-USB3P/E8600 Stability Problems

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    Default Re: EP45T-USB3P/E8600 Stability Problems

    Chike, I thought my RAM Timings might be a little tight - Do you have any suggestions??? I'd hate it if I spent alot of time stressing and have it fail 7hrs. and 59 minutes of Prime 95 Blend. My E8600 had the same temp issue on the EP45-UD3P board (CPU and Core temps being different). If you remember my QUAD had the same problem. Do you think I'm putting to much thermal paste on my HSF??? I never had any issues with CPU temps. I'll wait to hear from you before I start stressing. My extra case fans came in today for my Quad RIG - I'm putting them in right now - may be ready for the "sizzle and burn" session tomorrow or the next day. I like the idea - 480 FSB - I'll try that after I get 450 FSB stable. Thanks again
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    Default Re: EP45T-USB3P/E8600 Stability Problems

    If those are the same timings you had with the quad there is not much difference, only 5MHz FSB so stick with them unless they fail.
    The temperatures are more a board issue IMO, CPU temp cannot be higher than the cores.

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    Default Re: EP45T-USB3P/E8600 Stability Problems

    So how you coming along with this now? Just checking in.

    Since you are tweaking your way along, if you run into issues always post your new settings you are trying when you need further help.

    What did you try to install that you are unsure about?

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