My current problem is a third phase of an issue discussed on http://forums.tweaktown.com/f69/saga...tml#post349939.

Let me describe it as clear as I can:
1. My new computer (see details in my signature) started acting strange. It managed to access win7, which is one of my two dual boot os (the other is winxp pro), but its Post phase, while running CMOS, was black.
2. I tried to ClrCMOSm which first helped, but then, the problem returned. Seeing a balck screen upon booting prevented me from accessing CMOS configuration and/r booting from a disc and/or opting for winxp.
3. I managed to convinced my supplier to replace the Gigabyte mb, but the problem stayed.
4. I tried to follow a suggestion that the problem stemmed from a problem with my graphic card, and installed an older version of my NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GT card. The result, I lost even my win7 operation.
Well, and here are the news:
5. Since my pc is configured to use my tv as a second monitor, I checked this option. The tv representation showed a fully working system! Using this alternative monitor, I switchrd to winxp pro, and once again, the system was fully operative.
6. Since win7 wasn't available on my monitor following the driver update, or as a matter of fact, use of an older version, I hoped to be able to make winxp my default os. This failed. Changing configuration from within winxp (using easybcd) didn't make any difference. Win7 continued to serve as my default os.

The current situation is as follows:
1. Through tv I can access winxp and work on my monitor
2. Through tv I can access win7, but I can do anything directly using my monitor.
3. On my pc, I can't see any message while being in my Post phase.
4. On my tv, I can see all Post messages.

My tv is connected via digital connection and my monitor, through analog.