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Thread: Graphics Card works great, but not during POST!

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    Default Re: Graphics Card works great, but not during POST!

    Quote Originally Posted by sdog View Post
    O.K. Here's the latest:


    4. PhenomII Dude - Found a little 15" VGA CRT. Plugged it in. Works perfectly, during POST and after OS load, so you may be right about the problem being in the monitor, BUT, BUT, BUT... WHY DOES IT LOOK SO DANG GOOD ON THE FIRST MONITOR ONCE THE OS DRIVERS LOAD??

    I'm not questioning your conclusion - just trying to understand it. Does the MOBO+GPU talk to a different part of the monitor during POST than it does after the OS loads? I really don't know a lot about VGA. I just thought analog monitors were mostly voltage, current, resistance, etc. and not so much logic - with the logic happening in the GPU+MOBO. May be a bad presumption? I know it won't help me solve the problem if it's just a bad monitor, but if you have a second, I'd love to hear how the monitor can be bad during POST and good after OS-load. Just for my own education. If not, thanks anyway (to all of you) for all your help so far!

    That is a fairly simple issue - analogue monitors are very sensitive concerning the signal feed in the particular video mode. Since you got a digital graphics port the translation is somewhat loose means it fails the text display mode (boot up) on your monitor. The other monitor works...for idea get a digital monitor for a digital graphics card.
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    Default Re: Graphics Card works great, but not during POST!

    Excellent PhenomII Dude. This is the type of understanding I was trying to reach. I'm still not completely clear, but a lot closer than I was before. Thanks.

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