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Thread: P55A-UD3 r1.0 & Antec P183 = odd powerLED behaviour?

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    Question P55A-UD3 r1.0 & Antec P183 = odd powerLED behaviour?

    Hi Guys,

    Today I assembled a P55A system (not my first though) with 2x2gb Corsair value ram, an Antec P183 and an i5 750 cpu.

    I noticed that the power led on the front of the case doesn't stay a solid colour, Ive never seen an Antec Performance one series case or a gigabyte P55A motherboard do this before.

    the PSU is a CM Extreme 500, so its got sufficient wattage, and the systems stability is rock solid, it just seems really bizarre that the front led is flashing similar to a HDD or NIC activity indicating LED.

    Is this normal?

    Ive double checked the header polarities and everything, nothing is wrong with the build I just never expected to see a power led not stay a solid colour (apart from seeing it on dying, bad capped systems/psu's)
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    Default Re: P55A-UD3 r1.0 & Antec P183 = odd powerLED behaviour?

    Did you use Express Install on the driver CD? If so, you probably installed the Dynamic Energy Saver program, or you installed it manually.

    I think this is the causes, if you do not have that installed let me know. If you do, you can either uninstall it, or let me know if you need/use it and I will tell you how to disable the LED indicator (If I remember right you can)

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