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there is nothing wrong with 1.5 QPI as long keep other Dram .5. Besides people need to realize if you plan on staying up to date then an i7 930 or below will/is be outdated within next few months. Yes currently testing 4.6 trying to get memory to run +2200 I think it can just got to find correct timmings any idea LSD?

also remember that different CPU like different QPI so each very I seen some computers at 3.8 with 1.4 QPI when I can do that with only 1.2 QPI. So far with running at 4.2 at 2000Mhz = 4.4Ghz running 1600.
2200Mhz? I'd need to see your full settings, it may not be possible for 24/7 use though due to the high uncore needed.

Is your board hard modded?

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why will they be outdated?
970 coming out soon,980X already out, and then shortly a new socket to replace 1156 and 1366