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Thread: Correct Bios settings for GA-M57SLI-S4 rev 2? Here's pictures of mine!

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    Default Correct Bios settings for GA-M57SLI-S4 rev 2? Here's pictures of mine!

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    Default Re: Correct Bios settings for GA-M57SLI-S4 rev 2? Here's pictures of mine!

    You will want to load optimized defaults first save and exit. Reboot and go into BIOS setup again.
    1. If you don’t find the settings you want, press "Ctrl+F1" to access advanced options.
    On first screen in the Bios setup press CTRL + F1 for more advanced settings. The screen will flicker. If you are looking at Advanced BIOS Features you may see another line for Advanced Options. Warning this needs to be performed each time you need to change any advanced options like memory timings. Click on the MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.) Raise Memory voltage as specified by your memory manufacturer. Press enter for Memory timing items and set it to manual. Save exit and reboot. Now your bios settings have changed you can post more photos with timings.
    If you have a black box edition you can oc by raising the cpu clock ratio. I don't believe you do if you have this. AMD Processors for Desktops: AMD Phenom™, AMD Athlon™ FX, AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core, AMD Athlon™, and AMD Sempron™ Processor
    Raising the CPU Frequency will raise the cpu Freq., memory Freq., NB Freq., and the HT Link Freq. You can try 215Mhz and see how that goes. Then go up if stable with stress tests and down if unstable. This will depend alot on your memory brand and part numbers, and type of power supply, heat sink , and fans, graphics solution, and other parts. Let us no if this helps.
    MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)
    CPU Frequency (MHz) [manual]=200 raise for oc
    PCIE Clock (MHz) [Auto]
    CPU Clock Ratio [manual]=15 raise for oc BE version
    Robust Graphics Booster [Auto]
    DDR2 Voltage Control [+2.5]
    Chipset/PCIE Voltage [Normal]
    HT-Link Voltage [Normal]
    CPU HT-Link Voltage [Normal]
    CPU Voltage Control [Normal]
    Normal CPU Vcore 1.4000V
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    Phenom II 945 @ 3.2Ghz w/Thermaltake Big Typhoon Pro 14 CPU Cooler
    Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H rev.1.1 F11
    Sapphire 3870HD / 100225L / 512MB / ddr4
    4GB / Kingston / KHX8500D2K2/2GN / 5-5-5-18 / 1066Mhz
    (2) WD Caviar / WD2500AAKS/ 250GB in SATA RAID-0
    (1) WD Caviar / WD2500AAKS/ 250GB in SATA AHCI
    (2) IDE's 1 8XdualDVDRW 1 52x32x52x CDRW
    Antec /Neo HE550 / 550W
    Mid size ATX case with show through panel
    2) 80x80 front fans (1) 120x120 rear fan and small nb fan
    Microsoft comfort curve USB keyboard 2000 ver.1.0
    Logitech G500 USB mouse
    Monitor: CMV937A
    7.1+2 Channel High Definition ALC889A
    Dual boot Windows 7 32bit home & Windows 7 64bit home

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