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Thread: GA-H22M-S2H will not power on! Help needed.

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    Default Re: GA-H22M-S2H will not power on! Help needed.

    First off, I don't want to sound unappreciative to your help, and I haven't been trying to sound that way.

    I don't think that this whole system would have more power requirements than a socket 939 3700+ (90nm, 85.3 TDP) CPU alone. Plus, I added in a GTS 250 and stressed with Furmark for a good 4 hours yesterday.

    That was all using the same CX400 PSU that was from the original build. Also, I took the mobo out on Sunday (a few days ago), its been riding on its cardboard box since then.

    I have tried the stock Intel cooler as well. Same results.

    The Xigmatek I have doesn't have a backplate. I ordered one for it so I can put it one with the replacement mobo I get (RMA approved this morning).

    Should have never put that cooler on there without a backplate. It's not that this Xigmatek cooler flexes the mobo more than the Intel stock cooler, because it doesn't. I just hate the fact that engineers think its o.k. for a PCB to flex like that. A backplate is the only way to fly.

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    Default Re: GA-H22M-S2H will not power on! Help needed.

    It's ok, you haven't sounded like that at all to me.

    You may be right about your PSU, I was just asking if maybe it wasn't enough? Really enough wattage is not always the answer though, sometimes you need a more compatible PSU or certain amounts on the 12V rail for example, ect.

    I agree, backplates all the way!!

    Sorry I couldn't help you get this sorted out! And really you have not sounded unappreciative to me at all, or if you did I didn't notice :)

    Hopefully your RMA goes smoothly and your new board works better! If it acts the same I would be trying to find a larger PSU to test with before buying one, just incase this is the problem.

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