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Thread: Overclock OB graphics?

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    Default Overclock OB graphics?

    Hi all,

    I see several places where I could post this, so if it's the wrong forum I trust the Mod(s) will move it.

    Anyway, my MoBo (GA-M68M-S2 Rev. 1) has 256MB on-board graphics. I'd like to know if there's a way to overclock it to 512 or higher? I know it will use the system memory, but that's OK. I've got 2GB of PC28500 and for what I use my computer for, 1GB is plenty.

    Reason: On my old system I was running a 128MB AGP card and 1GB PC3200 RAM. Some games were a little slow and the graphics left a little something to be desired; but that was OK as I'm not a heavy-duty gamer. However, on my new MoBo, I got a good deal on a 1GB PCI-E vid card (EVGA 9500GT). I have the latest drivers installed.

    The games are faster and their graphics are better, but it's exhibiting some odd behaviors in other areas.

    There's quite a few, but I'll just post a couple: When I toggle between screens from the taskbar, when the window comes up it's blank for a couple of seconds before it "refreshes". Also, after minimizing a game and then maximizing it from the taskbar, the same thing happens. And, if I've got a window open that I've custom set the size of, when I close it or minimize it, the Desktop icons that were "under the window" aren't there for a couple of three seconds before they show up again.

    My screen size is 800x600; the refresh rate is 100; and I've got a CRT monitor.

    Do you think OC'ing the onboard graphics might solve this? And, if so, what would I be looking at temperature-rise wise?
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    MoBo: GA-M68SM-S2
    VidCard: EVGA 1GB 9500GT
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    RAM: 2GB PC28500

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    Default Re: Overclock OB graphics?

    You can't add memory like you are thinking, that is what you mean not overclocking.

    I think you should buy a cheap dedicated graphics card then you will be fine

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